Blogger appreciation post

Let’s give a round of applaud and appreciate there are drama bloggers out there.

1. Let’s be thankful there are drama bloggers who spend their own time to work hard and blog about asian dramas. Writing dramas recaps, reviews, and articles does take plenty of time.

2. Let’s be thankful of there are international fans who are willing to watch the dramas in eng sub and enjoy foreign countries dramas.

3. Let’s be thankful there are drama bloggers who are willing to review other countries dramas other than their nationalities such as (Korean, Japanese, Hongkong, Taiwanese, Chinese, and other countries dramas).

4. Let’s be thankful of the drama bloggers and there are still asian dramas available for us to watch.

5. Let’s be thankful there are drama bloggers out there or fans who are willing to create their own drama blogs.

Let’s appreciate that the current drama blogs are still there. Never know when they will disappear out of thin air.

Now it’s time to give tips to drama fans how to create an asian drama blog.

1. Pick a topic that you really love and motivate to write out.

2. Pick your strengh. Do you want to focus on recaps, reviews, translating, celebrities gossips?

3. Create your own blog using wordpresss blog or blogger.

4. Think of why your blog differentiates or standout from other bloggers.

5. Get set and think about what dramas or news you will focus on.

6. Take risk. Don’t worry about others bashing about your grammar or  your writing being boring. It takes practice. Be proud that you joined the blogging community.

7.Make friends and network with other bloggers to survive in this blogging community.

8.. Manage your time to blog, thinking how many hours would it take to write that blog post.

I never wanted to be a drama blogger but the drama House of Harmony and Vengeance motivated me to write my first drama recap since I love watching ancient series with theme about dance and also has Linda Chung in it.

Get set, pick a topic you really like or and create your blog.


Blogging takes a lot of time! The only rule is to Be Nice!

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