Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 1 recap

This is another one of my all time favorite series besides Happy Ever After.

Shunzhi Emperor died in 1661 after eighteen years of ruling the kingdom. After that, his daughter died from sadness. The queen and the emperor’s favorite consort also died mysterious. Others suspect that it is a scheme of overthrowing the Qing Dynasty and it has become a forbidden topic to talk in the palace.

The eunuch touched the lantern and sighed he couldn’t find out how did the queen die. An enuch came and told the eunuch that five enuchs died from the duck plague after doing the funeral for the queen. The eunuch doubts why only the jade of one of the eunuch is missing and wonder if he’s still alive. The eunuch said the remaining eunuch currently resides in Guangzhou.

A storyteller told a story of the king’s uncle back out from the war so his soldiers can rest. Wai Siu Bo continues the story and twisted the fact. The storyteller gave Wai Siu Bo some silvers and asked him to leave. Wai siu Bao saw a bald man kicked the feather ball from the kids on the street. Wai Siu Bo said if he has the money he will knock on his head. Some people gave Wai Siu Bo some taels betting him to knock on the man’s head. Seung Yee’s godfather called the man with a nick name of a  head. People bet more money on Wai Siu Bo. Wai Siu Bo hit the man’s head and apologized and said he heard someone called his nickname of a man who enjoys being hit on the head. Seung Yee’s godfather put on the jacket on the man and said he forgot to return his jacket. Wai Siu Bo hit on the man’s head and said he saw someone lookalike him except he doesn’t wear this jacket. Seung Yee’s godfather told the man since he’s not the man with the nickname Head, he will take off his jacket. In the casino, Wai Siu Bo bet on some money. The bald man put his arm showing his jade ring and said he needs to get ready for his funeral. The bald man pulled down Wai Siu Bo’s pants. Some kids teased Wai Siu Bo on the street. Wai Siu Bo punished the two kids forcing them to pull down their pants and hold the sugar canes between their legs. Seung Yee came and encourage Siu Bo to work hard.

Seung Yee’s godfather and Wai Siu Bo bet on the bird. The eunuch showed and the guards showed Wai Siu Bo a painting of an eunuch and asked him if he knows him. Siu Bao sneaks in the brothel and got caught by his mother and pinched his ear. Wai Siu Bo teased his mother that he found the butler’s nose looks like him and wonder if he’s his father. Siu Bo’s mother said the butler isn’t qualified enough to sleep with her. Siu Bo dreams of opening a brothel for his mother. Siu Bo’s mother gave Siu Bo a dish as a treat.


Siu Bo yelled at Seung Yee’s father for leaving him when he was in trouble. Seung Yee’s father blames himself for being addicted to gambling. Seung Yee told his godfather she remembers that her whole family died and he took care of her for ten years. Before leaving the house, Seung Yee’s father asked Siu Bo a favor of taking care of Seung Yee when he’s gone and find her a good family to work as a maid. Seung Yee’s father asked Siu Bo to take out a box inside the wall for him. Seung Yee cried. Seung Yee’s father whispered to Seung Yee where to find him if she misses him. Siu Bo took out the brick and found the box and wonder what’s in it.



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