Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 2 recap

Siu Bo went gambling in the gambling house and got punched by the people. A person took Siu Bo’s box. The eunuch bought the box from the person and looked at the jade. The eunuch said he knows the owner of the jade. Siu Bo is surprised that the eunuch knows Seung Yee’s father. Siu Bo told the eunuch that Seung Yee’s father many people a lot of money. The eunuch told Siu Bo he will reward him. Siu Bo took the eunuch to the shore. Seung Yee’s father saw them and hid behind the bush. Siu Bo and the eunuch wait at the shore. Siu Bo assumes that Seung Yee’s godfather is with Seung Yee. On the street Siu Bo accidentally knocked on the bald’s man head. Siu Bo pretends he lose a cheque of hundred thousand taels and people search for it. Siu Bo ran.Siu Bo hid behind the statue and got caught by the bald man. The eunuch punched the bald man. The eunuch asked his servant to stay with Siu Bo. The bald man talk to the eunuch privately and made a deal of giving him five hundred thousand taels or he’ll disclose his secret. The eunuch killed the bald man using a knife.

Siu Bo asked the eunuch’s servant to look away while he goes peeing. The eunuch burnt the bald man’s body so he won’t tell his secret. Siu Bo walks slowly with the eunuch. Siu Bo saw the guards posting a picture of wanted bandit and he went up to the guards saying he’s the wanted bandit. The people laughed. Siu Bo told the guard he’s the accomplice of the wanted bandit. In the cellar, Siu Bo denied of being the accomplice of the bandit and the guard scared him by pressing his finger in the instrument. Another guard came and pulled Siu Bo’s pig tail and said he knows Siu Bo, he’s popular for gambling and conning. The guard asked Siu bao to ask his mother to serve him well when he goes to the brothel.

Siu Bo’s mother showed Siu Bo her new french bra she’s wearing to impress the men. Siu Bo eavesdrop on his mother serving the eunuch in the brothel. Siu Bo trembles seeing the eunuch putting his hands around his mother. The eunuch froze Siu Bo’s mother. The eunuch walked with Siu Bo. Siu Bo called Seung Yee by another name and asked her to hurry and serve. Seung Yee was surprised Siu Bo leads the eunuch to tbe back door. The eunuch pointed the branch toward Siu Bo and asked him where Seung Yee’s father is or he’ll burn him. Seung Yee came and said Siu Bo doesn’t know anything. The eunuch asked Seung Yee to tell him where is her godfather. Seung Yee’s godfather came.


The eunuch coughed. The eunuch told Seung Yee’s father that he was addicted to gambling while he fell in love with practicing martial arts. The eunuch showed the paper showing the debt of thousand tales Seung Yee’s father owe to him. The eunch tore the paper and asked Seung Yee’s father how did the queen and her daughter died. The eunuch asked if the four eunuch died because the knee an important secret. The eunuch said a newborn prince, two consorts and the queen died. While he investigated their corpse, he noticed that they’ve died from a martial art punch. Seung Yee’s godfather said back then he and the four eunuchs have been attacked by some assassins. Lucky he practiced a kungfu and the assassins thought he was dead. Then the assassins threw their bodies onto the sea and claimed that they’ve died from the duck plague. The eunuch asked Seung Yee’s godfathe to return with him to the palace to talk about this case. The eunuch fought with Seung Yee’s father. Seung Yee’s father killed himself and refused to return to the palace even if he dies.



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