Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 4 recap

Siu Bo told the guards that Mau Sap-bat the bandit is fighting with someone up in the second floor of the restaurant. Mau Sau Bat jumps down the restaurant. the guards there bottles of oil toward Mau Sau Bat. Seung Yee held the umbrella for Siu Bo. Siu Bo asked Seung Yee to give him some money from the rich family. Seung Yee refused since it is not right to cheat money. Siu Bo asked Seung Yee why does she have to be honest, no wonder she was always poor. Seung Yee sadly thought about her godfather found her begging money on the street. Seung Yee saw the sect member standing in the rain and she invited him to eat the bowl of rice. The sect member thanked Seung Yee. Seung Yee said her master’s friend reported the manuel as rebellion after receiving gifts. Seung Yee told Siu Bo that her master is very nice to her and only he would bully her. The rich master’s friend hang out papers stating about the master writing the rebel manuel. The sect member saw it and tore the papers. The sect member tries to kill the rich master’s friend but Ao Bai threw an arrow toward him.

The master’s friend thanked Ao Bai for saving his life. Ao Bai asked the master’s friend to tell about the manuel. The guards arrested the master and his wife during the night and threw the manuels. Seung Yee came and asked the rich master and his wife what happened. The rich wife asked Seung Yee to leave. Siu Bo hopes that Seung Yee will leave or she’ll get in trouble too. Seung Yee told the guard she is the lady’s servant and they must have arrested the wrong person. The guards arrested Seung Yee along with the rich family. Siu Bo heard some people saying that others got arrested by keeping the manuels.

Siu Bo’s mother told Siu Bo that she kept the pretty box and threw the manuel away and he couldn’t read it anyway since he is illiterate. Siu Bo got nervous and said if the guards found out he also have the manuel, he will be arrested. Siu Bo and his mother eavesdrop at the prostitute serving the bodyguard and saw the manuel under the table. The bodgyuard told Siu Bo and his mother that the cellar is full and the next person who will get arrested will be executed. As the prostitute dropped a chopsticks, the bodyguard bent down to pick up. Siu Bo screams for rat and and replaced the manuel with shoe. Siu Bo burnt the manuel. The bodyguard came to the room and asked Siu Bo and his mother what are they burning. Siu Bo said he’s burning the paper since his mother felll for him. Siu Bo’s mother flirted with the bodyguard while Siu Bo tries to finish burning the manuel. The prostitute fought with Siu Bo’s mother about stealing her customer. The scrap of paper flew on the bodyguard’s shirt. Siu Bo and his mother pretends to hug the bodyguard. Siu Bo took the paper and swallowed it. Siu Bo told the bodyguard that his mother fell in love with him so the swallowed the paper with his hair to wish them happiness. The bodyguard told Siu Bo’s mother he doesn’t love an old lady like her and he left.


Siu Bo brought wines to the guards in the cellar. Siu Bo gave the bodyguard and handkerchief and said it is from the prostitute. Siu Bo stole the key. Ma Sap Bat threw a bowl at the guards and said he has a wrestling meeting with someone tonight. Siu Bo scold Ma Sap Bat while giving the key to Seung Yee. Ao Bai orderd the guards to bring the prisoners to the palace. Siu Bo found it useless to steal the keys. Ma Sap Bat grabbed the keys and frees himself. Ma Sap Bat fought with the guards. Seung Yee asked Siu Bao to run. Ma Sap Bat got injured and bleed and asked Siu Bo to take him to the woods. Siu Bo agrees with a condition that he rescue Seung Yee from the cellar. Siu Bo pulled the arrow out of Ma Sap Bat’s back. Ma Sap Bat takes a nap and get ready for his fight with the sect member.



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