Happy Ever After episode 40 recap (END)

Akina brought Nadia to stay with the Empress Dowager. Akina asked Nadia to take care of her baby and give birth to a healthy prince for her. Roger made thousand of buns praying for Fiona. The souls came to pick Fiona up. Roger threw buns at the souls and beg gods to forgive Fiona. The next morning, Fiona came up to Roger and they hug each other. Roger told Marianne that he’ll go to the palace to check if there’s any news of the majesty.

The king’s uncle complained to the majesty that Nadia’s father his him and forbids him meet his son. Nadia’s father said the king’s uncle keep on calling him a Han Dog. The prime minister interfere and plead the majesty to sentence Nadia’s father to death. Roger told the majesty that his anniversary is coming up. The majesty announced hosting a happy feast. Roger suggests to have a dinner competition between Han and Manchu. The king’s uncle said if the manchu dish wins then the Qing’s brothel will be built and if he fails if he will demoted to a commoner. Nadia’s father said if the Manchu dish wins then the manuel of alienation between Manchu and Han will be publish and if he fails, he will return to his hometown.


Bobby represents the Han to cook for the majesty. Roger thought of the idea of cooking medical food for Bobby to treat the majesty during the feast. The majesty’s cousin came and told Bobby and Roger that he fell from the hill after fighting with the assassins and it took him a few days to climb back up. Before the feast begins, Wilson requested the majesty that whoever loses this feast will not be able to cook for the majesty again and will h ave to chop their organs. The magistrate will eat and do a blind taste test.


The majesty and Akina walked around the table looking and complimenting the beautiful dishes. Akina stared at Marianne’s father’s dish and told the majesty she doesn’t like to eat black duck eggs. Bobby hopes the majesty will eat his five dishes of flavor salty, spicy, sour, bitter. The majesty picked a dish of five flavors from the kitchen manager. Akina asked the majesty to eat. The magistrate ate the remaining dishes and found it tasty. Bobby won the first round by having thirty six to nineteen chopsticks.


Wilson went in the kitchen getting pissed and checked the wine and found out that Bobby’s stepbrother has betrayed him. Bobby’s stepbrother told Wilson he won’t be his dog anymore using dirty tricks to harm his brother. Wilson slaps Bobby’s stepbrother. The chef told Wilson he doesn’t deserve to be their manager and he asked Bobby’s stepbrother to leave with him. Wilson pushed them and ordered the chefs to die up the chef and Bobby’s stepbrother. Wile carving food, Bobby has a headache. Empress Dowager heard the music. The majesty was about to teat Bobby’s pearl but dropped it. Wilson won by nineteen to eighteen chopsticks. The majesty announced in the third round, the team who fails will be banished from the palace and have its organs be chopped. Bobby felt extremely dizzy. Marianne saw a scent flowing onto Bobby. Bobby’s stepbrother and Marianne confronted Wilson. Wilson said no one said there’s poison in the scent, they can tell the majesty when Bobby loses. Bobby told Marianne that the majesty still has one more medicine to drink. Bobby inserts two needles on his head refrained the poison to go within him for one hour. Wilson and Bobby cooked the same dish of bear.


The majesty’s cousin fought with the guards and barged in the room with the consort saving the Empress Dowager and Nadia. When Bobby served his dish, there were no food on it. The majesty ate Wilson’s dish and found it tasty. Akin ordered Bobby for execution since Wilson won two rounds. Bobby told the majesty he has a back up dish and he asked him to taste it. Bobby served rice with five colors for the majesty. The majesty ate the rice and complimented it. Bobby fainted. The majesty threw up. Bobby asked the majesty to throw up all the food. Akina ordered the guards to arrest Bobby. Roger told Nadia’s father that they only wanted to heal the majesty and his daughter is locked in the palace. Empress Dowager and Nadia came. Wilson took out this knife and about to stab Bobby. The majesty wakes up and scold if they want to rebel. The majesty slapped Akina. Bobby ache and stay in coma.


The majesty ordered the imperial doctors to hurry and cure Bobby’s illness. Marianne cried and begged the majesty to grant her the poisonous wine. Marianne drinks and fainted. Bobby wakes up. Years later, Bobby and Marianne gave birth to four kids. Bobby teased Marianne that he doesn’t know what kind of wine did the majesty gave her causing her to be pregnant. Bobby showed Marianne the foreign candy that the majesty and Nadia gave him. Bobby searched through his clothes but couldn’t find it and said he forgot that he ate it. Marianne thought Bobby was lying and she bit his arm.


The End.


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