Sword of the Outlaw episode 31 recap

This Wuxia Drama is very draggy but I’m watching and loving it because of the casts and the detailed written characters. Sometimes well written characters can top the dull storyline right?

The sect leader told its member that he doesn’t care the affairs between the sect, he only wants the master to but however Zhuiyun haven’t killed him yet. At the conference, the master made a speech about the conflict between Zhuiyun’s sect and his sect and the manuel. Back then each of the five sects possess a manuel and found the manuel so dangerous that they all got ride of the manuels. In the sect, there’s a member that brought fake members to the sect causing a fight between the sect but there’s still one person who’s still alive. The master said that the sect leader’s member was the one who caused the chaos and blamed it on the other sect leader and wanted to kill Zhuiyun. The master said he discussed this incident in this location of the mountain because his father was betrayed and arrested here. The master pointed where his father hid the evidence. The sect leader jumped on the mountain and trying to find it. The sect leader hand out the letter to the monk. The monk read the bribery letter of the sect leader’s member of destroying the manuel to the magistrate. The master said back then his father read the letter and wanted to tell about the collaboration of the sect leader’s member and the Japanese but too bad he got caught. The sect member told the sect leader back then the two sects wouldn’t stop fighting with each other, he wanted to lend the power of the Japanese sect to support his father being the new sect leader. If it wasn’t for his help, he wouldn’t be the sect leader. The sect leader told his member he considered him as his father but he couldn’t believe he killed his parents. The sect leader’s member requested the sect leader to improve his sect after he dies. The sect leader’s member gave the sect leader a knife from his parents for him to kill him. The master hopes the sect leader would free Zhuiyun now the secret between the sect has been revealed. The sect leader bids farewell to Zhuiyun and leave.


Zhuiyun and the master still has one more evil guy to deal with. Zhuiyun told the master that he has more burden than his since he has to kill others to revenge for the world while he only tries to find the evil guy who killed his father. Zhuiyun decided to lend the master a help to overthrow the king and they’ve sworn to be brothers.

The servant trembles after giving a hot tea to the sect leader. The sect leader madly pushed away the tea. Zhuiyun stood in the grass thinking of Fengyi. Zhuiyun met Fengy’s nanny’s friend in the cave wearing a mask spread with candle pieces. Fengyi’s nanny’s friend made flower teas for Zhuiyun. Xiao Qian asked a man wearing a hat with a veil if he saw Zhuiyun. The man wearing the veil came up to Zhuiyun and said though he is blind, he can sense he was affected by a poison. Fengyi’s nanny’s friend wanted to use Zhuiyun to blackmail Fengyi’s nanny. Xiao Qian went in Fengyi’s nanny’s house hoping to see Zhuiyun. Fengyi’s nanny’s friend told Zhuiyun that Fengyi’s nanny used to poison her and stole her manuel and seduced the man under the veil. Her master died after finding out about it. After Fengyi’s nanny practice the martial arts in the manuel she will tell her and the man under the veil. Fengyi’s nanny’s friend said the third manuel has been snatched from the man under the veil and she assumes that Fengyi’s nanny has it. Xiao Qian went in Fengyi’s nanny’s house and asked the man under the veil if she’s seen Zhuiyun.




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