Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 5 recap

Ma Sap Bat waits for the sect member to come have a duel with hm. Siu Bo asked Ma Sap Bat some taels to buy some buns. Ma Sap Bat gabbed Siu Bo and asked if he will betray him for money. Siu Bo promised he won’t tell the guards. Siu Bo went to the brothel to check up on her mother but saw some guards standing in front. Siu Bo’s mother went to the temple and pray for Siu Bo. Siu Bo’s blames the man who she slept with to bear a spoiled son like Siu Bo. Siu Bo changed the pairs of block under the table and touched his mother’s hand. Siu Bo’s mother told Siu Bo that the guards went to arrest him for freeing Ma Sap Bat. Siu Bo’s mother asked Siu Bo to leave town for the moment. Siu Bo’s mother gave Siu Bo her bracelets. Siu Bo covered his face with his hat and bought some buns. Ma Sap Bat read the words on the fabric from the sect member that he’ll pay back after eating the bowl of rice. He has postponed their duel match for next year. Siu Bo doubts if the sect member plans to rescue Seung Yee from the execution scene. Ma Sap Bat fought with the guards. A guard tripped and Siu Bo blocked the guards food using the branch and kicked him. Ma Sap Bat fought with a strong guard. Siu Bo watch and worried and think how to deal. Siu Bo threw powders on the powerful guard’s eye and pushed the sword in his belly and the guard died. Ma Sap Bat asked Siu Bo why did he used the powder on his enemy, it is downgrading for Ma Sap Bat to use this tactic. Siu Bo told Ma Sap Bat if he cares for his face so much, he will leave. Siu Bo told Ma Sap Bat he can’t leave yet since they both have to rescue Seung Yee from the dungeon. Ma Sap Bat told Siu Bo he can tag along but he must promise not to use powder anymore. Siu Bao asked Ma Sap Bat if he doesn’t use powder, how can he protect himself. Ma Sap Bat asked Siu Bo to bow in front of him as his martial art master. Su Bo refused to be a disciple since he doesn’t like to be boss around.


The guard greets and beg Emperor Hong Hei to rest since it is three in the morning. Emperor Hong Hei read the poem and asked the guard a question opinions about the Ming. Hong Hei rode the horse and shot the arrow and tripped. Ao Bai begs Hong Hei to let him kill the horse. Hong Hei told Ao Bai that if the hawk didn’t scared the horse, she wouldn’t have tripped. Just let the horse live to accompany him. Ao Bai told Hong Hei that the horse have to die since he went against his wishes. Ao bai killed the horse and teach the emperor that choosing a horse is like choosing a loyal soldier and cannot be distracted by little things. Hong Hei told Ao Bai he read the Anti-Qing manuel and it affected many people. He asked Ao Bai to be lenient.


Siu Bo and Ma Sap Bat sat next to Fong Yee’s sister eating candy. Fong Yee told his sister not to accept candies from stangers. Fong Yee asked his sister why does she let some low class men to sit with them. Siu Bo pretends to scratch flees to tease Fong Yee. Siu Bo and Ma Sap Bat heard the guards talking about Ng Sam-kwai giving a post. Ma Sap Bat insert a chicken in Siu Bo’s mouth asking him to be quiet. Siu Bo dropped the chicken on Fong Yee’s noddle. Siu Bo noticed Fong Yee wiped his sister’s shirt on her breast. Siu Bo wiped Fong Yee’s sister shirt and teased them why they disguised as men. Fong Yee got mad and threw chopsticks and it landed on the guards. Siu Bo blames it on Fong Yee. The guards fought with Fong Yee. Fong Yee and her sister’s hair fell down. The magistrate ordered the guards to arrest the girls alive. Siu Bo asked Ma Sap Bat to help Fong Yee and her sister. The guys came and fought with the guards and pushed the magistrate. Ma Sap Bat asked the two guys for their name. Fong Yee’s boyfriend whispered to Ma Sap Bat his identity.



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