Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 6 recap

The little prince asked Fong Yee why did she take her sister hanging out in town. Hong Hei read the poem from the Anti-Qing manuel and feel that Ao Bai should be lenient to the people whom got arrested. Ao Bai plead the majesty to not spare anyone. A bodyguard scold Ao Bai for being arrogant to Empeor Hong Hei. Ao Bai forces the bodyguard to bow. The bodyguard refused to bow since he is Hong Hei’s royal guard. Hong Hei has a nightmare that Ao Bai will behead his royal guards. Ao Bai asked the magistrate what is the sentence for people who are rude to the officials. Ao Bai showed the four heads of the bodyguards. The Empress Dowager told Hong Hei that being firm can be advantageous. The Empress Dowager said the bodyguards used the majesty’s status and not respect Ao Bai. The Empress Dowager asked Hong Hei to forget this incident to gain the respect of Ao Bai. Emperor Hong Hei said all the remaining officials are Ao Bai’s men. The Empress Dowager gave Hong Hei a word and asked him to patiently to wait for the right moment to get rid of Ao Bai. The Empress Dowager gave a letter to the magistrate to sent. On the way, Eunuch Hoi punched the magistrate and said he used a martial art skills on him. The magistrate has no idea what’s the martial art skills. Eunuch Hoi assumes that the magistrate isn’t the person who killed the consort. Ma Sap Bat and Siu Bo read a warrant that Seung Yee and her family will be executed in three days.

During the execution day, Siu Bo pray for Seung Yee. Ao Bai stood and prepare to execute Seung Yee and her family. The Heaven and Earth Sect arrived and fought with the guards. Siu Bao touched a prisoner thought it was Seung Yee but it turns out it was a fake prisoner. The fake prisoner tries to kill Siu Bo. The leader of the Anti-Qing Chan Kan Nam flew down from the roof. Ao Bai torn up a sect member. Ao Bai pointed his bow and arrow toward Chan Kan Nam. A sect member threw a barrow toward the arrow and told the rich master’s friend he will let him die in this execution scene for Seung Yee. More guards arrived. Chan Kan Nam has his sect to retreat. Chan Kan Nam greets the sect member. The sect member said in the martial art world, if you don’t know Chan Kan Nam, you haven’t been in the martial arts world enough. The sect member has a duel with Chan Kan Nam to befriend him. Chan Kan Nam punched the sect member. The sect member greets Chan Kan Nam as Ng Luk-kei. Ng Luk-kei joins the Heaven and Earth Sect.

Siu Bo whined that Seung Yee has been executed. Siu Bo saw Eunuch Hoi in the restaurant and told Ma Sap Bat that Eunuch Hoi killed Seung Yee’s godfather. Ma Sap Bat fought with Eunuch Hoi and got injured. Eunuch Hoi froze Siu Bo and asked the guards to arrest Siu Bo and Ma Sap Bat. The wedding carriage passed by. Siu Bo called Fong Yee for help.



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