Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 7 recap

Ng Sam Wai gave the magistrate a sword to give to Ao Bai to connect with him. The little prince and Fong Yee blocked the magistrate’s way dressing in white funeral gowns. Fong Yee and the little prince fought with the guards. The little prince pointed a sword at the magistrate and said if he he collaborates with Ng Sam Wai, he will die. The little prince bowed in front of his father’s tablet and vowed to revenge for his father and kill Ng Sam Wai and bring back the Ming Dynasty. Fong Yee and her sect grabbed some treasures they’ve stolen from the magistrate. Fong Yee’s boyfriend gave Fong Yee a pin.

Eunuch Hoi untied Mau Sap Bat and asked him if he and Siu Bo went to the Capital to find him. Eunuch Hoi said too bad he didn’t have the chance to see Chan Kan Nam’s kungfu. Mau Sap Bat said his wish was joining the Anti-Qing and meet Chan Kan Nam. Eunuch Hoi hopes to have a chance to ask Chan Kan Nam about the martial art skills. Siu Bo stared at Eunuch Hoi and hopes he cough till death. Eunuch Hoi asked Siu Bo how much does he know about Seung Yee’s father. Eunuch Hoi told Siu Bo and Ma Sap Bat if they don’t leave him something then they can’t leave this room. Ma Sap Bat asked Eunuch Hoi to spare him while he chops his right arm. Eunuch Hoi said one arm is not enough, he needs four eyes, two tongue, and four arms. Eunuch Hoi drank tea and coughed. Ma Sap Bat ran and Eunuch Hoi threw a rock toward his left and he tripped on Siu Bo. Eunuch Hoi feels so hot inside. Eunuch Hoi drank the medicine and choked. Siu Bo stabbed Eunuch Hoi’s servant from the back. Eunuch Hoi turns blind. Siu Bo impersonates Eunuch Hoi’s servant lighting the candle for Eunuch Hoi. Emperor Hong Hei got mad that his soldiers got attacked by the french bomb. Siu Bo tries to search for a way out of the house. Siu Bo dressed as eunuch. Eunuch Hoi asked Siu Bo to find the medicine for him. Siu Bo poured the poison on Eunuch Hoi’s servant body and it vanishes.

Hong Hei visits Tong Yeuk Mong and asked him how to make the bomb. Hong Hei watches Tong Yeuk Mong rub the medicine on the patient. Hong Hei told the officials he needs to find a way to persuade Ao Bai to release Tong Yuek Mong from the cellar.




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