Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 10 recap

The eunuchs asked Siu Bo to lend them them some money. The eunuchs hopes Siu Bo doesn’t tell Eunuch Hoi about their debt. Siu Bo told the eunuchs that Eunuch Hoi is fine with it but they must do one thing for him. Siu Bo asked the two eunuchs a favor for him to meet the majesty. The eunuchs suggests Siu Bo to hid behind the majesty’s cover. Siu Bo sneaks in the majesty’s room and touched the dragon sculpture. He said down on the majesty’s chair and pretends to be him. Siu Bo search for the manuel on the shelves. The majesty arrives. Siu Bo hid behind the majesty’s chair. Ao Bai greets the majesty and begs him to give a dead sentence to the first ranked official. Emperor Hong Hei asked Ao Bai if he executes the first ranked official, how can he face the previous majesty. Ao Bai said he can kill whoever spread rumors. The majesty told Ao Bai if he forbids the people to tell how they feel, it will increase their vengeance. Hong Hei asked Ao Bai about his motive of killing the first ranked official. Ao Bai came close to the majesty and used his fist and said the previous majesty worked hard to build this dynasty and wouldn’t want him to fail. The majesty got scared and fell down and Siu Bo got out and was surprised his friend who fought with him was the emperor. Siu Bo scold Ao Bai for being rude to the majesty. Ao Bai bowed and apologized in front of the majesty. The majesty asked Ao Bai to leave. Siu Bo bowed and apologized to the majesty for fighting with him. The majesty told Siu Bo he didn’t tell his identity when fighting with him so he doesn’t mind fighting with him and he can relieve his stress. Siu Bo asked Hong Hei if that rebellious Ao Bai has been stressing him out. The majesty asked Siu Bo to fight with him tomorrow.


Siu Bo told Eunuch Hoi he went to the majesty’s room but didn’t see the manuel. Siu Bo is thinking in his mind “Wait till I become close to the majesty, I’ll ask him to behead you”. Ao Bai’s guards brought Siu Bo to Ao Bai. Siu Bo trembled and said he didn’t mean to be rude to him. It was a misunderstanding. Siu Bo told Ao Bai that the majesty has mentioned about him that someone gossiped about him. Siu Bo told Ao Bai after he left, the majesty complimented him as loyal causing others to be jealous so they spread rumors. Siu Bo complimented Ao Bai as a hero. Siu Bo told Ao Bai that the majesty said he dealt good causing people to be scared to stand up. Ao Bai asked Siu Bo if he thought what he did was right. Siu Bo said yes since the Hans sold him in the palace but the manchu is no kind to him giving him food. The majesty waits for Siu Bo. The guard told Hong Hei that he saw Ao Bai’s guard took Siu Bo away. Ao Bai asked Siu Bo if he knows why he asked him to come. Siu Bo said he knows he wants him to take good care of the majesty. Siu Bo promised Ao Bai to take care of the majesty and will tell him any gossip he hears. The majesty’s guard came in Ao Bai’s room. Ao Bai gave the Siu Bo some golds and asked him to take good care of the majesty. Siu Bo trembled and went to the majesty. Siu Bo told the majesty that it was a scary situation, Ao Bai was trying to kill him. The majesty laughed and told Siu Bo he’s cunning. Siu Bo apologized to the majesty for using his name to save his life in front of Ao Bai. The majesty admired Siu Bo for being the first person not being executed by Ao Bai after making him mad. The majesty fought with Siu Bo. Siu Bo licked and hugged the majesty’s hands instead of hitting him. The majesty let go of his hands and sighed that he knew after Siu Bo knows about his identity, he won’t play with him anymore. The majesty ate fruits with Siu Bo.

Siu Bo explained what martial arts move did he used on his friend. Eunuch Hoi asked Siu Bo if he is afraid to win against him after knowing his identity. Eunuch Hoi asked Siu Bo if his friend is the majesty. Eunuch Hoi reminds Siu Bo to never befriend the majesty or one day he’ll be beheaded. Eunuch Hoi was surprised that Siu Bo has seen a buddhist in another town. Siu Bo said he was just pretending he knew about the Buddhist. Siu Bo told Eunuch Hoi he has a friend who is being bullied by a beast, how should his friend handle him. Eunuch Hoi told Siu Bo to tell his friend to hang on until he gather enough power to take the beast down. Eunuch Hoi told Siu Bo his friend is smart and he believes he has the power to take the beast down one day.



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