Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 12 recap

The majesty asked Siu Bo to practice fighting with his opponent. The opponent carried Siu Bo and Siu Bo pressed down on his opponent. The majesty asked the martial artist to find more eunuch to fight with with them. Eunuch Hoi told Siu Bo that Princess Kin Ning has invited him multiple times. Princess Kin Ning spanked her maids for lying about catching flies. Siu sneaked out but got caught by Princess Kin Ning. Princess Kin Ning dragged Siu Bo in the room and whipped him. Siu Bo pretends to faint. Princess Kin Ning burnt Siu Bo’s braid by lighting the candle. Siu stands up panicking and whipped Princess Kin Ning. Two guards brought Siu Bo wrapped in the carpet to the majesty. The majesty asked Siu Bo who has tortured him. Siu Bo told the majesty he can’t deal with this person; it is Princess Kin Ning. The majesty cut out a pig tail from one of the two guards and gave him ten silvers. The majesty gave Siu Bo a new braid and asked him to not hang out with Princess Kin Ning anymore. Siu Bo asked the majesty to accept him as his disciple so Princess Kin Ning wouldn’t bully him. The majesty asked Siu Bo to promise not to tell anyone he accepted him as a student. The majesty ordered Siu Bo to train those martial artists. Siu Bo left the majesty’s room and mumbled that the new braid is stinky.

Ao Bai asked Siu Bo if the majesty liked his sword. Siu Bo told Ao Bai that the majesty said he must remember his deed. Siu Bo told Ao Bai that the majesty is not interested in working and is waiting for him to wake up to handle those manuels. Siu Bo told Ao Bai that the majesty mentioned about promotion. Ao Bai gave Siu Bo some golds. Siu Bo told Ao Bai he needs to go back to look after those eunuch practicing martial arts. Ao Bai passed by and take a look of the majesty watching the martial artists fighting with each other. Ao Bai and the officials wait for the majesty in the court. The majesty arrived and asked Ao Bai about his health. The majesty promoted Ao Bai to Taishi. Ao Bai cheers with the magistrate supporting him being the emperor. The majesty gave the sword to Siu Bo and ordered him to kill Ao Bai. The majesty said he’s been surrounded by Ao Bai’s men in the palace. The majesty gave an order for the twelve martial artists to punch the beast who will enter this room. When the majesty drops the teacup, they will start punching the beast, and if they defeat him they will receive golds as rewards but if they lose they will be executed. Siu Bo trembles. Ao Bai visits the emperor.



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