Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 13 recap

Ao Bai watches the matiarl artists performing. The magistrate killed two guards. The majesty held his tea cup and drop it. The martial artists all jumped on Ao Bai. Ao Bai pushed them away. Siu Bo punched Ao Bai from the back. Ao Bai held Siu Bo up and said those servants are so rude. Siu Bo took out a sword and stabbed Ao Bai. Ao Bai asked Siu Siu Bo that he dared to use a knife in front of the majesty. Siu Bo nervously ordered the martial artists to punch Ao Bai. Ao Bai came close to Siu Bo. Siu Bo picked the the pot of powder and threw it on Ao Bai’s eyes. Ao Bai asked Siu Bo he wants to kill him. Siu Bo jumps on Ao Bai. Emperor Hong Hei used his knife and stabbed Ao Bai. Siu Bo punched Ao Bai until Ao Bai fainted. Two magistrates came. Emperor Hong Hei said Ao Bai brought his sword and have the intention to kill him but luckily Siu Bo and other other eunuch protected him. The magistrates wondered in their mind why Ao Bai would assassinate the majesty since he got promoted, and how could Siu Bo take down Ao Bai. The majesty ordered the magistrate to arrest Ao Bai’s cohort. The Empress Dowager promoted Siu Bo to be the head eunuch working for Hong Hei. Siu Bo thought in his mind he wouldn’t like to be an eunuch nor the majesty need his help. Princess Kin Ning visits the Empress Dowager and said Hong Hei bullied her. Princess Kin Ning pulled off Siu Bo’s braid. Hong Hei told Empress Dowager that he picked the new braid for Siu Bo and the old braid has been burnt by someone but he was lenient not to punish her.


Eunuch Hoi told Siu Bo it it’s time for him to come out, he couldn’t believe that Hong Hei has more patience than the previous majesty. Eunuch Hoi complimented Siu Bo for being the head of Eunuch so quickly while it took him thirteen years for this position. Siu Bo thought in this mind that Eunuch Hoi is useless and he wouldn’t even want this post. Siu Bo told Eunuch Hoi though he’s been promoted, he won’t forget taking care of him. Eunuch grabbed Siu Bo’s hands. The king’s uncle called out Ao Bai’s thirty crimes to the maejesty. The majesty told the magistrate to count the treasures and search for the manuel. Hong Hei visits the first ranked magistrate grave and read the words that the previous emperor carved which Ao Bai broke it. Siu Bo held the treasures. Siu Bo and the magistrate look at Ao Bai’s chest of gold and silvers. Siu Bo places a knife under his shoes. Siu Bo tried on the protective suit. The magistrate found the manuel. The magistrate told Siu Bo he would like to read it but he knows there must be something in the manuel that the Empress Dowager and the majesty don’t want them to know. The magistrate made friends with Siu Bo. Siu Bo thought in his mind that the magistrate is older than him it’s better to die in the same month and day than the same year. Siu Bo sworn brothers since it’s not under his real name anyway. The magistrate negotiates with Siu Bo to share the golds and then give some to the people. Siu Bo pocked fourty five thousand golds. Siu Bo reported to the majesty that Ao Bai has bribed one hundred and thirty five thousand golds. The majesty sighed that Ao Bai bribed many golds. Siu Bo giggled in his mind that The majesty didn’t know that he took one part of it. The Empress Dowager looked at the manuel and laughed and rewarded Siu Bo with some fruits.



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