Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 14 recap

Siu Bo gave a candy to the maid and asked her to try it too. Princess Kin Ning went in the room and slapped the maid and asked Siu Bo to serve her the candy. Siu Bo slapped and asked her not to come near him. Princess Kin Ning feels so great and told Siu Bo only he is willing to play with her. She asked him to slap her again. Siu Bo pinched Princess Kin Ning and asked her to go to the brothel in JianNang if she wants to play. Princess Kin Ning asked Siu Bo to meet her tonight or she’ll tell Empress Dowager he bullied her. Siu Bo has a dream of the majesty massage him and he hung out with his ladies in the brothel including Fong Yee.

Siu Bo told Eunuch Hoi the majesty ordered him to go to Ao Bai’s house to search for the manuel. Siu Bo told Eunuch Hoi he gave the manuel to Empress Dowager. Eunuch Hoi said his stomach ache. Eunuch Hoi told Siu Bo that he was destined to meet the majesty but his fate is bad. Eunuch Hoi told Siu Bo he put some extra ingredient in the soup. Eunuch Hoi told Siu Bo that he put poison in the soup which is why he never ate it. Eunuch Hoi confronted Siu Bo to cause him to be blind and asked him who ordered him to kill him. Siu Bo told Eunuch Hoi that he already disucssed with the majesty to throw up the soup. Siu Bo stabbed Eunuch Hoi but he punched him out of the window. Siu Buo hid behind the bush and plans to escape the palace. Siu Bo bumped into Princess Kin Ning. Princess Kin Ning called out Empress Dowager. Eunuch Hoi came and froze Princess Kin Ning. Eunuch Hoi waves his hands and Siu Bo bent down.


Siu Bo hid behind the rock. Eunuch Hoi greets Empress Dowager. Eunuch Hoi told Empress Dowager the whereabout of the previous Emperor Shunzhi who is currently a monk at the temple. Eunuch Hoi told Empress Dowager that he found out that the queen which is Hong Hei’s birth mother and the princess been murdered. Empress Dowager asked Eunuch Hoi where’s his eunuch friend who spread rumors and should be executed. Eunuch Hoi told Empress Dowager he told his friend to run away. Eunuch Hoi told Empress Dowager that since Siu Bo and the majesty practice martial arts, he discovered the majesty has a skilled martial artist teaching him kungfu. Eunuch Hoi said he should found out earlier. Eunuch Hoi asked Empress Dowager why does she want the manuel. Eunuch Hoi fought with Empress Dowager. Siu Bo watch them fighting and found out that Empress Dowager killed Hong Hei’s mother and sister. Siu Bo took the chance to sneak out. Siu Bo thought in his mind if Empress Dowager wins then he’ll receive his forty five gold rewards but if Eunuch Hoi wins then he’ll die. Siu Bo stabbed Eunuch Hoi from the back. Empress Dowager killed Eunuch Hoi.

Siu Bo bowed in front of Empress Dowager and said he didn’t hear their conversation. Empress Dowager pat Siu Bon on his head and said she needs to reward him. Emperor Hong Hei visits Empress Dowager. Siu Bo denied of saving Empress Dowager and said that Eunuch Hoi drank random medicine causing him to die from illness. The eunuch congratulates Siu Bo for getting promoted to Eunuch Hoi’s position and received two thousand golds. Princess Kin Ning came in the room and held a stick toward Siu Bo and demanded him to tell why did Eunuch Hoi attacked her and Empress Dowager last night. Siu Bo told Princess Kin Ning that Eunuch Hoi turned crazy after drinking many medicine. Princess Kin Ning told Siu Bo that if he wasn’t an eunuch, she would have stab him multiple times to see how much he can stand.



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