Brick Slaves episode 6 recap

Vincent followed Selena sleepwalking to his room. Vincent slept on the couch and had a dream of Selena making breakfast and tore the contract. Selena wakes up deducting thirty points on Vincent for sleeping on the couch and decuting more points for touching Cool-Coolie. Vincent went back to the room and saw his bed organized.

In the morning, while they were eating breakfast, C-Kwan told Vincent that Selena must be crazy. Vincent denies and believes Selena was just heartbroken about her boyfriend. C-Kwan breaks up with his girlfriend Ivy in front of Vincent. C-Kwan showed a photo of his ex-girlfriend Gigi and said she was sleepwalking and fell off the balcony and been in coma. C-Kwan told Ivy he mistook her for his ex so she’s only a substitute. Vincent asked C-Kwan how could he dumped his girlfriend like that. C-Kwan showed Vincent a picture of another cute girl.

At work, Eliza told Vincent that he can have her extra sandwich during lunch. In the lounge, Vincent saw a note where Eliza’s going to meet with her friend. Dor Dor texts Eliza to hang out with him. Rachel texts Dor Dor but he ignores it while being busy texing Eliza. Rachel checks Dor Dor phones but couldn’t log in since he change his password. Rachel showed Evergreen Mak and shuttle card to save money on transportation. Vincent cooked for Selena. Selena told Vincent that he was the chef who cooked the food. She could taste the seasoning and preparation are identical. Vincent gave Selena some fruits and said if something’s bothering her, she can talk to him. Dor Dor showed Rachel the his new wallpaper of them on his phone. Dor Dor treat his classmates and asked them how to fix the camera but they gave him a paper of Hung Tin Store. Rachel and Evergreen Mak saw the news of a guy who got scammed by selling his stuff to woo a girl online and she took nude photos of him.


Vincent went to buy food and saw Selena giving money to his mother. A lady gave Selena tea bun with a smiley face. Selena ate it and found it familiar. Vincent put a note on the refrigerator that he bought a tofu casserole. Selena ate her mother’s tofu which reminds her of when she moves when they didn’t have enough money. A girl seduced Vincent at the bar and asked him to watch her necklace. Vincent has an illusion of the plane falling and he threw up. Vincent told C-Kwan he remembers her in his photo or else he would have fallen for her. Selena gave Vincent a Hakka bun.


Rachel followed Dor Dor. Vincent and Selena search for the tea cake granny. Dor Dor paid three thousand dollars to fix his camera and took photos of Eliza. Rachel saw Dor Dor taking photos of Eliza and found out that he sold his training boots for it. Eliza saw Vincent taking photos of the flat and she asked him to join her and Dor Dor for diner. Dor Dor took Eliza round at the antique shops. Rachel madly stomped on the jade and the store owner demanded thou thouand dollars. Rachel told Evergreen Mak that the client’s wedding cost two thousand dollars. Rachel asked Evergreen Mak to stop drinking tea to save money.

Vincent told Kiki she ask Eliza instead of asking him. Kiki told Vincent that if she was him, she would be worrying about his flat. Evergreen Mak gave Vincent a ride and asked what did Kiki gave him. A client reported he saw a ghost on the flat. Vincent and Evergreen Mak renovate the flat together. Evergreen Mak saw a white hand print and showed Vincent but he didn’t see it. The lights turn off and they heard a scream.



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