Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 17 recap

The Anti Qing’s member sold the poison to Siu Bo in front of the toilet. Princess Kin Ning followed the Anti-Qing’s member thinking he’s one of Ao Bai’s cohort. The Anti Qing’s member hit Princess Kin Ning from the back. Siu Bo carries Princess Kin Ning to the palace. Siu Bo bumped his head in to the wall anxious on what to do. Emperor Hong Hei visits Princess Kin Ning and scold Siu Bo for taking Kin Ning outside the palace. Emperor Hong Hei asked Siu Bo how did he got the bruise. Siu Bo told the majesty that he and Princess Kin Ning saw Ao Bai’s cohort and they wanted to kidnap them to blackmail him. He fought with Ao Bai’s cohort to protect the princess. The majesty told Siu Bo that Princess Kin Ning is Empress Dowager’s favorite and if anything happens to her the consequence will be big. The majesty asked Siu Bo why isn’t his bruise become dry since he’s been injured for two hours. Siu Bo told the majesty that he got nervous and bumped into the wall. Princess Kin Ning wakes up and asked the majesty to arrest those criminals. The majesty asked Siu Bo to inform him if Princess Kin Ning order him to take her out of the palace.

The Anti Qing’s member told his friends that he got stabbed by a transgender friend of Siu Bo. The Anti Qing prepares to pushed down rocks at the manchu in the mountain. Ng Sam Kwai’s son Ng Ying-hung ordered the magistrate to investigate the stolen treasures from Ao Bai. The Anti-Qing threw rocks toward Ng Ying-hung’s horse sedan chair. Prince’s Muk’s men fought with Heaven and Earth sect members. Ng Sam Kwai asked his son to observes Kangxi. A sevant told Ng Sam Kwai that Hong Hei favors an eunuch Wei Siu Bo. A member of the Heaven and Earth sect told Siu Bo that one of members has been injured. Siu Bo thought in his mind he doesn’t know what trouble have they caused and probably wants to take him a scapegoat for the blame to their master. Siu Bo asked his members to visit Muk’s family and settle the conflicts. A member of the Mok’s house accused the Heaven and Earth sect members killing one of his members. The little prince arrived. The Heaven and Earth Sect apologized to Muk’s family member. The Heaven and Earth Sect returned to their home and saw one of their member dead and they assumed that one of Muk’s family member did it.




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