Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 18 recap

The members of Heaven and Earth sect searched Muk’s house and asked Muk Kim Ping where is her brother Kim Shing. Ng Ying Hung and two magistrates greets the majesty. Emperor Hong Hei discuss with the three officials about lending supplies for the war against the french. The majesty suggesting in reducing their food. Ng Ying Hung and the two officials plead the majesty to let them withdraw from the war. The majesty got mad. The majesty told Siu Bo that he plans to pretends to be weak to lure their enemies. The majesty told Siu Bo that he knows he is loyal to him but too bad he’s an eunuch or he’ll promote him to a high ranked official.

The Heaven and Earth sect member showed Princess Muk Ping to Siu Bo as a bait to fight against Muk Kim Shing. Siu Bo pinched his eyes and told Kim Ping that her servant Fong Yee caused him to be an eunuch so he vowed to revenge. Siu Bo held a paintbrush and told Kim Ping he will draw on her face then carve it. Siu Bo drew a turtle on her face. Princess Kin Ning knocked on Siu Bo’s room. Siu Bo hid Kim Ping behind the cover. Princess Kin Ning asked Siu Bo to massage for her. A servant knocked on the door serving food for Siu Bo. Siu Bo made a sign for Princess Kin Ning to hide. The servants put the food on the table. Princess Kin Ning saw many food and two sets of chopsticks. Princess Kin Ning nagged Siu Bo for hiding her maid. Siu Bo pretends to call out Eunuch Hoi and said it is his food to celebrate his death. Siu Bo kicked Kim Ping down and ran out with Kin Ning. Siu Bo pretends to talk to Eunuch Hoi that he wants him to stay. Princess Kin Ning left. Siu Bo checks on Kim Ping. Kim Ping yelled for her brother. Siu Bo asked Kim Ping to call him Honey then he’ll remove the drawing on her face. Siu Bo said he has a medicine that may not last long. Kim Ping called Siu Bo Honey. Siu Bo spread ink all over Kim Ping’s face and dip food for her. Prince Kang’s servant invited Siu Bo to his party. Siu Bo puts four cakes on Kim Ping’s mouth for her to enjoy.

Songgotu reminds Siu Bo to coldly reject Ng Ying Hung’s gift so he will bring a bigger gift next time. Siu Bo ate with the officials and wished that his mother would have seen it. Siu Bo and the officials complimented Prince Kang in shooting Ao Bai. Prince Kang thought in his mind that Siu Bo knows how to socialize no wonder why the majesty favors him.




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