Weapons of Power episode 6 recap

Tian Jiao flirted with Lin Die and asked him who sent him here. Tian Jiao placed a knife toward Lin Die’s fiance’s face. Lin Die told his fiance he will still love her even if her face has a scar. Nuo Feng and her brother fought with Tian Jiao’s sect. Lin Die and his girlfriend untied themselves and escaped through lifting the door of the dunegeon. Nuo Feng and her brother returned home and apologized to her father that two of their members have died. Nuo Feng’s father yelled at Nuo Feng for actively leading the sect to Tian Jiao’s sect causing their members to die. Nuo Feng’s father told Nuo Feng he will eliminate her martial arts. Nuo Feng’s father has been ill through poison. Xiahou Zhun pleads Nuo Feng’s father to spare Nuo Feng. Xiahou Zhun punished Nuo Feng to pray for three months.

Lin Pen showed Nuo Feng some kite and ball to cheer her up. Lin Die threw the antiques and confessed to Nuo Feng’s father that he also broke the rules. Nuo Feng punished Lin Pen by not eating diner. Lin Peng asked Nuo Feng’s father to punish him to pray in for three months in the mountain but Nuo Feng’s father only punish him for three days in the swamp. Lin Pen’s servant told Lin Pen that he got punished to pray in the south instead of the north.

Lin Pen’s mother has diarrhea but couldn’t get the pearl out of her body. Lin Pen’s mother asked the priest to report Lin Die and his fiance for missing. Lin Die and his fiance returns home hungry and ate buns. Lin Die’s fiance told Lin Die’s mother that those kidnappers were arrogant. Lin Die’s mother asked Lin Die’s fiance if Lin Die has given her a pearl. Lin Die apologized to the martial artist that he dropped the pearl.


The martial artist said Tian Jiao and the eunuch are his disciples. Nuo Feng’s father and Xiahou Zhun couldn’t believe that Mu Rong Bai from his sect has betrayed them and joined Tian Jiao’s sect. Xiahou Zhun promised his disciple that he’ll let Nuo Feng marry him.

Lin Pen daydream of marrying Nuo Feng. Lin Pen’s servant released Lin Pen from the swamp and said his master wants to see him. Lin Pen told his servant he forgot something in the cellar and wants to pick it up himself. Lin Pen requested a servant to let him bring food to Nuo Feng. Nuo Feng looked at her jade and bracelet and blames herself. Nuo Feng if she has a choice, she wouldn’t learn martial art, she would learn to garden and play the harp. Lin Pen brought the basket of rice to Nuo Feng and said he feels like being stabbed seeing her being punishes. Nuo Feng pointed a sword toward Lin Pen and shouted at him to leave. Lin Die’s fiance made a wish for marrying Lin Die. Lin Die’s mother and fiancee bought chicken and cooked diner. Lin Die told his mother that having gold and studying martial art isn’t important and family make him happy.



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