Every Step you Take episode 1 recap

Moses passed by an eighteen years old guy girl. He stared at her. The difference being 40 years old and 18 years old is when you’re forty you become more mature. Elaine and her colleagues sits in the conference room waiting for Moses to arrive. Moses showed his advertisement about an angel staying by your side without you being aware. Because you don’t know it, you feel lonely but the angel wants you to smile. So she comes talk to you when she’s not supposed to. For you, she gave up eternity. The theme is with love, nothing is impossible. A smile is eternal. Bianca told Moses that there’s no such thing as eternal love. Bianca told Moses he didn’t chase her when he left her three years ago. Moses asked Bianca to give him three days to present a new concept to her. Moses told Bianca a smile can be eternal if the one she met isn’t him. Elaine sighed if she has the talent then she doesn’t need an angel by her side.


Mose’s mother looked at the diamond in front of the store. Raymond proposed to Priscilla in the advertisements of Love shows , with love there’s nothing impossible; a smile is eternal. An elder man thought about his wife. Myolie played the role of a blind girl who walked the dog and listened to the commercial and told her dog it is about him. A kid tried to touch the dog. Myolie told the kid that her dog isn’t ignore him but he wants to keep her company. Bianca left on the plane. A staff gave Myolie an angel pendant. Myolie received the phone call from Dream Power that she passed her interview. Elaine handed out the paper to Moses and he saw she circle all excellent. Moses told Elaine if she thought they were all excellent, then she needs to redo them so she can critique it. Moses spends the whole night redo his advertisement. It’s one o’clock in the morning, and Moses told his colleagues to meet him downstairs. Moses offered his colleague a ride to eat hotpot but he refused and said everyone’s busy. He asked Moses to go home and rest and he’s leaving tomorrow. After Moses left, his colleagues hung out to eat hotpot. Moses thought of eating hotpot with Evergreen Mak. Moses ate and drink at the convenient store and walked out and saw a dog and walked back in. Moses’s colleagues chat while eating hotpot and said Moses take all the credit for his Angel project. Mose’s colleague said if Moses’s Angel project wins again then they’ll be doomed. Elaine got a stomach ache and left early.


Moses’s mother watch the award show and recalled Moses use to show her is trophy whenever he wins it means she wins. Moses won the award for his Angel Commercial. Moses asked Elaine to take the award with him. Moses made a speech about the credit goes to the gifted people. Mose took Elaine to hotpot but was surprise no one came. Moses gave Elaine the trophy. Elaine cried and told Moses she doesn’t want to be like him. Because of him, she doesn’t have any friends. Moses told Elaine to not going to work then, when the position change, the attitude of the colleague changes. Elaine said she didn’t come up with the Angel story alone. The last line a smile is eternal fits Moses. Elaine told Moses she wanted to be a creative director because of him but she also wants to quit because of him cause she’s afraid she’ll be cocky like him. Moses went on the bus and saw Myolie’s dog and went off. Myolie took a picture of her dog and said he’ll be there with her in every step she takes. Moses recalled giving the trophy to his mother and said he’ll take every step with her. Moses sang a song and told his mother that singing a song is about how you feel about it. Myolie called her boyfriend. Her boyfriend asked Myolie if she’s watching a Korean Drama. Myolie said she’s watching but she doesn’t understand.

Moses looked at the drawing of him and his mother and thought about Elaine saying that his smile is so phony. Moses took some pills and drink some coffee and sleeps in the convenient store. Moses left for work the next morning.




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