Madam White Snake 2001 episode 14 recap

❤ the CGI in this series. Definitely one of the Fantasy Series where I’m impressed with the costumes and CGI.

Xu Xian suggests a gambler (the majesty dressed up as a commoner) which piece to put. The gambler lost and bid one instead of three pieces without listening to Xu Xian. Xu Xian bids and won and then lost but didn't have any money. Xu Xian walked and got tripped by the other scholar. The white snake told the scholar if he pass the scholar exam, she will marry him. The majesty read the scholar poem winnerand surprisingly saw Xu Xian's name. The majesty told the officials that Xu Xian just have luck but don't have the skills. The majesty ordered the officials to kick Xu Xian out of the palace. The majesty smiled and changed his mind to let Xu Xian take the scholar exam. Xu Xian consoled his servant whom is being lovesick. The white snake's friend asked the white snake if she dislike him for trying to separate her and Xu Xian. The white snake's friend asked the white snake to leave with him. The white snake told his friend she can't leave with him since Xu Xian will lose motivation to take the scholar exam. The white snake told her friend he is waiting for Xu Xian leave her after he pass the scholar exam since men are playboys. The majesty stared at Xu Xian writing. Xu Xian finished it first and told the official he made it to the last place last time so he send all night study harder. The majesty asked Xu Xian why doesn't he stares at him in the eyes. Xu Xian said that the official said them scholars are not allowed to look at him in the eyes since it shows disrespect. The majesty gave Xu Xian the right to stare at him. Xu Xian stared at the majesty and fainted.


The crowd wait outside to see the result of the scholar exam. The scholar told the white snake to not waste time waiting for Xu Xian and he can't wait to marry her. The white snake waits of Xu Xian but didn't see him come out. She used her power to create rain. Xu Xian wakes up and freaks out seeing the eunuch holding the knife trying to castrate him. Xu Xian mumbles that it is even scarier than the white snake bringing him down to hell. Xu Xian asked the eunuch what crime did he commit to cause him to be punished. The eunuch told Xu Xian he didn't commit any crime but the majesty found his mouth is so annoying. The eunuch tied Xu Xian up.

The white snake and her friend search for Xu Xian. The storm aroused. The white snake froze the time and the majesty. The white snake's friend tries to hypnotize the majesty to tell him the whereabout of Xu Xian but the majesty's emperor gown has the protective cloth which prevent him getting near. The white snake used her power to ward the majesty but the dragon prevented it. The eunuch failed to castrate Xu Xian and pointed his knife toward him. The majesty took a knife and untied Xu Xian and said the game is ended. The majesty said if Xu Xian's grandfather haven’t done many achievements, he wouldn't have spared his life.


Xu Xian left and told the white snake that he's been playing checker with the majesty. Xu Xian blames himself for being addicted to gambling and causing trouble with the majesty. Xu Xian told his servant he’s not interested in being the magistrate but if he fails the scholar exam the white snake will leave him. Xu Xian thinks of ideas to keep the white snake. The white snake worries Xu Xin will be in trouble if he becomes the magistrate. Xu Xian invites the white snake to hang out with him watching the moon tonight. Xu Xian asked his servant to hang out with the white snake’s friend. Xu Xian paid for the yatch to spend the night with the white snake alone. The seller gave Xu Xian a potion for the white snake. Xu Xian grabbed the white snake’s friends’ arm to keep an eye on him. Xu Xian told the white snake he will become the magistrate. The white snake told Xu Xian it is not the first time he lied to her.



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