Love Bond episode 19 recap

Kenix thought about Michael and told Bernice that she has a feeling that Michael likes her but he’s trying to avoid her for not hurting the relationship with his brother. Moses’s mother asked Moses and Bernice to plant flowers together. She said a relationship build slowly. Bernice told Moses that Kenix has been dating with his brother. Moses cut out paper flowers and told Michael that he’s courting Kenix back and regret breaking up with her. Moses told Michael he really likes Kenix. Moses asked Michael if he matches with Kenix. Michael told Moses to chase Kenix if he likes her. Moses told Michael that the one that Kenix likes his him. Moses asked Michael to court Kenix. Bernice came out and asked Michael to buy Kenix a black rose. Michael bought a rose for Kenix. Michael carried the bouquet of flowers and search for Kenix. Michael called Kenix. Kenix and Michael search for each other. Kenix yelled at Michael over the street. Michael went up to Kenix and gave her the bouquet of flowers. Michael told the flowers represent love. Michael held Kenix’s hands. Moses and his siblings watch the CCTV and saw Michael and Kenix holding hands in the elevator.

Stephen trains Fred to make flower teas. Fred pretends to make flower tea in front of his father and pretends to burn his hand by spilling hot tea in this hand. Kenix’s father told Fred he will buy more cream for him. Michael and Kenix brought ice cream. Michael told Fred that if he doesn’t want to make tea, he can clean the floor or take out the garbage.



Kenix and Fred visits the new coffee shop next to their shop which is run by her ex boyfriend. Michael hugged Kenix and told Kenix’s ex with his girlfriend that he’s Kenix’s boyfriend and and he bought the cream for her. A customer told Kenix to think of a way since the scent of the coffee next door will drive her customer away. Bernice’s father and Moses’s mother looked at the family album and talk about their children. Mose’s mother told Bernice’s father it would nice if they’d be in laws. Bernice’s father told Moses that he’s a good guy and he would be happy if he dates Bernice. Moses told Bernice’s father that it won’t work. Moses teased Bernice’s father that he matches with his mother. Moses called Bernice’s father as his father. Bernice and Moses saw the landlady and pretends to make love. Bernice and Moses blocked the landlady’s way and got in the bus. Michael told Kenix they can deal with the businessman and gather signature to complain about the coffee scent of their neighbor’s shop. Kenix shows the signatures of the people complaint about their neighbors coffee shop to the businessman. The businessman asked Kenix’s ex boyfriend and his girlfriend to leave if they won’t get rid of the coffee scent which affects many businesses. Kenix’s sibblings apologized to Michael that they ate his box of chocolate. Michael told his sibblings that he would only be mad if they don’t eat the diner he has prepared. Moses and his sibblings teased Kenix that whenever she’s her for diner, Michael cook special food which is sweet. Kenix looked around for the box of chocolate at the store and encountered Michael’s ex girlfriend. Kenix prepares tea sadly. Kenix called Michael and said she has something to say to him. Michael saw his ex girlfriend smiling in front of him in the office.




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