Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 20 recap

Empress Dowager dresses as a devil to scare Siu Bo. Someone yells for intruder. Empress Dowager fought wit ha guard and left. The Muk family fought with the guards. The Muk family got arrested. Fong Yee barged in Siu Bo’s bedroom. A guard saw Siu Bo hiding Fong Yee in his bedroom. Siu Bo went out and stabbed the guard. Siu Bo hid Fong Yee and Kim Ping in his room and got out of his room pretending to stab the assassins. Siu Bo asked the imperial doctor to lend him some medicines. Empress Dowager ordered an official to kill Siu Bo. Siu Bo brought the medicine to Kim Ping. Kim Ping called Siu Bo “Honey”. Siu Bo called Fong Yee his wife. Siu Bo asked Fong Yee to call him “Handsome husband”. The official knocked on Siu Bo’s door. Siu Bo accused the official of collaborating with the rebel and said the majesty reminds him to be careful. Siu Bo told the official they have to visit the majesty. Siu Bo closed the room and tried to escape the window. The official fought with Siu Bo. The official pushed Siu Bo down the bathub. Siu Bo got up and stabbed the official with his knife. Fong Yee told Siu Bo that the official has killed three of her Muk family members. Siu Bo took the manuel from the official’s body.

The Empress Dowager’s eunuchs called Siu Bo and said the majesty wants to see him. Siu Bo was surprised they went were headed to Empress Dowager’s room. The eunuchs told Siu Bo that the majesty is with the Empress Dowager. Siu Bo told the eunuchs that he’s always thrilled visiting the Empress Dowager because he always received plenty of money rewards. Siu Bo drops the cheques on the floor and the eunuch picked them up. Siu Bo sneaked out and told the majesty’s guards that those eunuch are cohort with the intruders. Siu Bo accused those eunuchs for being bribed by the intruders. The eunuchs said it was under Empress Dowager’s order. Siu Bo told the majesty’s guards that if they released those eunuch they will be in trouble. Siu Bo let the imperial guards share the money reward. The imperial guards released the eunuchs and then kill them and pretends to tell Siu Bo that the assassins have killed them.

Empress Dowager held on to Siu Bo. Siu Bo told Empress Dowager if he kills him then the imperial guards will gossip about it. The empress dowager told Siu Bo she will kill him first then order the official to kill those guards. Siu Bo laughed and said he already convinced the official to be on his side. Siu Bo said though the official is scared of her but he is also afarid of the majesty. Siu Bo said the official escaped to the mountain. Siu Bo said the official promised that if he’s in danger he will tell everything to the majesty. Siu Bo said he will meet the official by sending message to a seller of tanghulu. Siu Bo said if he doesn’t meet with the official in ten days, then he knows he died and will revenge. Empress Dowager punched Siu Bo. Siu Bo showed Fong Yee and Kim Ping a trick to burn the official.




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