Food of Love episode 1 recap

This is a good old tvb series in the 90s that I liked.

This series starts with Wong Hei taking the driving test for the first time. Wong Hei told his brother that the driving instructor asked him if he will race car and he replied no and he passed the driving test. Wong Hei gave Fennie a present celebrating her graduation. Fennie gave Wong Hei a belt as a present for passing the driving test. In the restaurant, Fennie’s parents and Wong Hei’s parents praise each others child in front of each other. Wong Hei’s father told his wife that Wong Hei only has a high school degree and all he do is cook in the kitchen while Fennie has a college degree. Fennie asked Wong Hei if he only wants to do laundry and cook and don’t have a goal in life. Fennie said her dream is to be a journalist. Wong Hei’s brother told his parents that he sold his house to buy a house from the government. Wong Hei’s sister received a call from the loan shark. Wong Hei’s father yelled at his wife for lend money to her brother for his restaurant business. Wong Hei’s mother brought her brother home. Wong Hei’s uncle gave Wong Hei’s mother some money. Wong Hei’s uncle demonstrate his cooking to Wong Hei. Wong Hei at the fried rice and found it so good. The laundry shop business is going down and Wong Hei and his father is worried to be laid off. Wong Hei’s uncle treat Wong Hei to diner and said he got a job as a chef at the restaurant. Wong Hei’s uncle cooked roasted duck in front of Wong Hei. Wong Hei’s sister plans to invest money in her father’s laundry shop. Wong Hei boiled duck in front of his uncle and his uncle was impressed. Wong Hei’s uncle asked Wong Hei if he ever thought of being a chef. During diner, Wong Hei announced that he has a goal of being a chef. Wong Hei’s father yelled at Wong Hei that if he wants to be a chef then don’t call him his father.





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