Thief of Honour episode 11 recap

Was tired today and feeling kinda sick but at least I got motivated to recap this drama though I should be resting really. 🙂

Noel cried and asked Ekin to wake up. Ekin wakes up and told Noel he doesn’t want her to get in trouble after he escapes. Noel held the badge and ordered the guards to leave. Noel claimed that his father asked her to bring the stuff in the hay for the magistrate. Noel fought with the guards and left with the cargo. Noel’s father brought the guards and checked the lady’s room. The lady’s room told Noel’s father she would choose to be with him. The cashier hid under the water in the bathtub. Noel’s father put his hands under the water and picked up a flower. The lady pretends to have a headache. The two guards begged Noel to spare them. Noel helped Ekin and warned the guards not to tell anything about his incident. Noel bought Ekin to a house and ordered the elder couple to bring him a bowl of water. Noel gave the elder couple some golds and went back home to get some medicine. Noel return home and told her father that she knows that Ekin is innocent so she rescued Ekin out of the prison. Noel asked the king’s uncle to punish him. Noel plead the king’s uncle to spare Ekin. Noel told the king’s uncle if he won’t spare Ekin then he should punish her instead. The king’s uncle asked Noel if it is worth for her to sacrifice for Ekin. Noel said she has a reason for rescuing Ekin which is she doesn’t want her father to kill an innocent life. Noel asked the king’s uncle why does he have to kill Ekin just to force Ekin’s grandfather to go to the palace. The king’s uncle forgives Noel and warned her not to hang out with Ekin no more. The king’s uncle told Noel’s father that he sees that Noel cares for Ekin a lot and he should keep an eye on her.

Ekin bowed in front of his parent’s cemetary. Ekin promised his parents he won’t see his grandfather again. Ekin stared at the knife which caused his parents first met. Noel told Ekin he owes her a favor. Ekin’s grandfather begged the servants to let him see Ekin. Ekin’s grandfather told Ekin that he has potential to be a skilled martial artist and he would like to train him. Ekin’s father told Ekin that he already taught him martial art which can be considered to repent his mistake but he hopes he doesn’t harm himself.



Dicky gave his grandpa a jacket for him to wear on his way to the palace. Ekin’s grandpa yelled at Dicky for being spoiled. Dicky asked his grandfather why didn’t he bring Ekin home to be his heir. Ekin told Dicky’s father that both his grandsons wouldn’t accept him which caused the ancestors to lose faces. Ekin bids farewell to his parents.

The cashier believes Ekin can contribute to the world with his martial arts. The cashier told Ekin that his niece did go to the dungeon to rescue him but Noel was one step ahead. Ekin thanked the cashier’s niece. Dicky pretends to apologize Ekin in front of the cashier’s niece. Ekin practices martial arts and got injured. Ekin told the cashier
s niece that Dicky is a hypocrite and only pretends to be nice in front of her. Noel threw her jade toward the wood and asked Ekin to stop chopping it since he’s not feeling well. Ekin said he’s worried that the cashier’s niece is being used by Dicky. Noel asked Ekin to accept that the cashier’s nice and Dicky love each other. Noel sewed the clothes for Ekin. Noel returned the shirt to Ekin and asked him to not ask the cashier’s niece any favor. Ekin’s friend laughed at the shirt being messed up. Noel’s guard came to Ekin’s home and asked Ekin why did he made Noel to be mad. Noel’s guard told Ekin and his friend that Noel spend the whole night sewing the shirt for him and causing her fingers to be hurt. Ekin’s friend teased Ekin that Noel has fallen for him but Ekin wouldn’t believe it.




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