Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 22 recap

Ng Ying Hung madly ordered his member to solve the problem. The majesty asked Siu Bo to release those assassins to catch the big fish. Hong Hei ordered Siu Bo to be a mole in the Heaven and Earth Sect. The majesty told Siu Bo he will promote him to after he accomplish this mission. Siu Bo told the majesty he doesn’t need any reward. Siu Bo told the majesty if one day he rebel against him, he wants him to promise not to behead him. Siu Bo demonstrate some martial arts in front of Fong Yee’s boyfriend in the cellar and teased him that Fong Yee is engaged to him and taught him the martial arts. Siu Bo told Fong Yee’s boyfriend if he won’t admit his true identity then he’ll marry Fong Yee. Fong Yee pleads Siu Bo to rescue her boyfriend from the dungeon. Siu Bo asked Fong Yee to promise to serve him after he saves her boyfriend. Fong Yee vowed she will marry Siu Bo after he saves her boyfriend. Siu Bo told Kim Ping that if she has a boyfriend, she could ask her to swear to be his wife too. Siu Bo asked Kim Ping if his brother has any girlfriends so he can be with them. Fong Yee and Kim Ping threw a shoe at Siu Bo. Siu Bo got a stomach pain and said the Empress Dowager poisoned him and the sympton has occur. Siu Bo asked Fong Yee to write a letter for her boyfriend. Siu Bo asked the guard to give him ten gram bottle of sleeping powder. Fong Yee’s boyfriend told his real identity and beg Siu Bo to save him. Siu Bo showed the letter to Fong Yee’s boyfriend. The guard gave Siu Bo five grams of bottle of wine with sleeping powder. Siu Bo drank with the guards. The Empress Dowager invited Siu Bo to visit her. Siu Bo cheers with the Empress Dowager’s eunuch. Siu Bo pretends to faint and asked if Empress Dowager sent the eunuch to poison them.

Siu Bo unlocked Fong Yee’s boyfriend and his sect. Siu Bo ordered Fong Yee’s boyfriend dressed up as guard to help the Heaven and Earth sect member dressed up as a butcher. Princess Kin Ning arrived and wants to play with Fong Yee’s boyfriend. Kin Ning dragged Fong Yee’s boyfriend in her room. Fong Yee’s boyfriend punched Kin Ning and left. Kin Ning dragged Fong Yee’s boyfriend back in the room and asked him why he’s here dressed up as an eunuch. Siu Bo peeked at Kin Ning stabbing Fong Yee’s boyfriend from the window and laughed. I am laughing so hard at this part right now. So funny how Princess Kin Ning tortured Fong Yee’s boyfriend. Fong Yee’s boyfriend told Kin Ning he has a big secret to tell her. Siu Bo barged in the room. Siu Bo said Fong Yee’s boyfriend castration was incomplete and has a disease. Siu Bo threw water at the guard and said that they were poisoned by the Empress Dowager so she can save those assassins. Siu Bo suggests the guards to put the blame on those eunuchs sent by the Empress Dowager. Muk Kim Shing greets Chan Kan Nam and said he wants to thank Siu bo. Chan Kan Nam said Siu Bo is his disciple and still inexperienced but loyal. Chan Kan Nam introduces Siu Bo to Muk Kim Shing. The Heaven and Earth sect argued with the Muk family about who should be the heir.



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