Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 23 recap

While Chan Kan Nam and the Muk family talk about killing Ng Sam Kwai and rebelling against the Qiang, Siu Bo thought in his mind “But Emperor Hong Hei is a good emperor”. Chan Kam Nam and Muk Kim Shing made a compromise that they will listen to whoever kills Ng Sam Kwai. As Siu Bo practice martial arts in front of Chan Kan Nam, he threw up blood. Siu Bo said he got punched by a powerful martial artist in the palace. Chan Kan Nam transfer his energy to Siu Bo. Siu Bo asked Chan Kan Nam to draw the martial art step since he is illiterate. Chan Kan Nam told Siu Bo if he wants to learn martial arts he has to be serious about it; he can’t live by tricking others. Chan Kan Nam told Siu Bo he will teach him martial arts and writing to him. Siu Bo gave Chan Kan Nam’s disciple some money to buy some medicines. Chan Kan Nam asked Siu Bo to be careful in the palace.

Siu Bo told Ng Ying Hung he investigated the case that the assassins were from the palace and pleaded for him to the majesty. Siu Bo asked Ng Ying Hung who gave Fong Yee’s order to bully others. Ng Ying Hung ordered his men to break Fong Yee’s boyfriend’s leg. Siu Bo saw the guards bullying the food stall owners and he worries Kim Ping and Fong Yee will be in trouble. Siu Bo told Fong Yee he has released her boyfriend but he flirted with Princess Kin Ning. Siu Bo told the majesty he successfully released the Muk family and put the blame on the eunuchs. Siu Bo told the names of Muk family members to the majesty and said their motive was to get rid of Ng Sam Kwai and supporting him. The majesty ordered the official to arrest the Muk family. The majesty came with Siu Bo to the Empress Dowager and explain that it was his order to release the assassins. Empress Dowager asked Siu Bo if he stills buy tanghulu. Siu Bo said the tangulu seller changed jobs of selling pancakes and went to the mountain. Empress Dowager asked the majesty to let Siu Bo serve her.

Empress Dowager asked Siu Bo to stay with her in the palace until the seller inform him where he is. The empress dowager’s maid pointed a knife toward Siu Bo. Siu Bo told empress dowager if she kills him, she will never sees the manuel.The empress dowager order the maid to poke Siu Bo’s eyes. Siu Bo said the manuel’s color is red and the official gave him and asked him to keep it. Empress Dowager ordered her maid to follow Siu Bo to take the manuel, then release him back to the majesty. Siu Bo crawled under his bed and the empress dowager’s maid tries to stab him. Fong Yee stabbed the empress dowager’s maid from the back. Siu Bo gave the eunuch outfits for Kim Ping and Fong Yee to dress up. Siu Bo put powders on the empress dowager’s maid to get rid of her body.



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