Food of Love episode 2 recap

Wong Hei’s father yelled at Wong Hei that he invested money in his laundry business and now he wants to be a chef. Wong Hei’s father madly left. Wong Hei chased his father and apologized. Wong Hei’s father asked Wong Hei to be realistic instead of pursuing his dream. Wong Hei promised his father he will run his laundry business. Wong Hei’s father play soccer with the guys. Wong Hei tasted his mother’s congee and found it burnt. Wong Hei’s uncle left the house. Wong Hei watches his uncle cooking. Wong Hei’s uncle stayed in his friend’s house which has kids making noises and has cigarette smells and broken light. Fennie whispered at Wong Hei to come to her house. Fennie told Wong Hei’s she’s moving. Fennie’s father went home and saw Wong Hei bumping into Fennie and asked Fennie not to avoid hanging out with Wong Hei since’s he’s a low class. Fennie plead his mother to let her stay in this house alone since she got a photography job. Fennie made sausage for her father and asked her father to persuade her mother. Fennie called Wong Hei’s uncle “Wei Siu Bo” and asked him to hurry come in the house.

It’s Wong Hei’s father laundry shop grand opening. The machine has stopped working. At the gym, Wong Hei’s sister’s friend asked Wong Hei’s sister to stop studying and have fun looking for a boyfriend. Wong Hei’s sister’s friend showed Wong Hei’s sister th profile of a man who’s been staring at her. The man asked Wong Hei’s sister and her friend for the gym membership application. Then he asked them out for a drink. Wong Hei’s sister said she’s busy. Wong Hei’s sister told her friend she’s not interested in flirty man and prefer a more stable man. Fennie’s father asked Wong Hei’s father to visit his house when he is free. Fennie’s father nitpick on Wong Hei’s father old laundry machine which may be able to last until he’s eighty. Wong Hei’s sister and her friend left their house and saw the man from the gym carrying the cupboard to the house. Eddie cheung drove his car fast and passed by Wong Hei’s sister and asked her for direction. Eddie drove his car and turned in the wrong direction and bumped into Wong Hei’s car. Eddie recognized Wong Hei has his school classmate.The police gave Wong Hei and Eddie a ticket. Eddie showed Wong Hei’s father to fix his machine by using his laptop. Eddie hired Wong Hei as the republic relation to his tech company. Eddie invited Wong Hei’s sister to diner. Eddie told a joke to Wong Hei’s sister which caused her to laugh.

Wong Hei cooked wine duck for his uncle and Fennie for diner. Wong Hei’s uncle’s friend complimented the food. In the elevator, Fennie told Wong Hei’s dad that everyone has a dream and Wong Hei cook really good. Fennie got the job as a journalist. Fennie drinks with Wong Hei to celebrate her first job. A video cam is on recording Fennie and Wong Hei playing in the living room. Fennie’s father came to Fennie’s home and saw Wong Hei putting his shirt on.





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