Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 24 recap

Fong Yee and Kim Ping dressed up. Fong Yee dropped her hairpin. Siu Bo took Fong Yee and Kim Ping out. Fong Yee realized her hairpin which her boyfriend gave her is misisng. Siu Bo asked them to stay. Siu Bo went back to the room to get the hairpin. Siu Bo saw Empress Dowager’s maid shoes and wrapped it with the fabric and planned to put it in front of the Empress Dowager to scare her. Siu Bo eavesrop at the Empress Dowager by the window and surprisingly saw a man dressed up as a maid. The man asked the Empress Dowager if she couldn’t wait until everyone leave before she steals the manuel. Siu Bo sneaks in the Empress Dowager’s room and found a box and saw three manuels. Siu bo replaced the manuel with the maid’s shoes and stab on the shoes using a knife. Siu Bo hid behind the wardrobe and saw another lady went in the room searching for the manuel. The lady hid in the room. The empress dowager opened the box and saw her maid’s shoes and freak out. The man accused empress dowager of killing her maid. The lady fought with the man. Siu Bo pushed the closet down on the man. The lady took Siu Bo out. Siu Bo told the lady he sneaks in the Empress Dowager’s room under the order of the majesty to find her lover. Siu Bo told the lady he can make up the story of the empress dowager and her lover to kill each other. The lady told Siu Bo that this plan won’t work since the majesty may execute him. Siu Bo meet with Kim Png and Fong Yee in the temple and brought them back in his room.

The majesty went with Siu Bo to the Empress Dowager’s room. The majesty asked Siu Bo if he knows why the maid fought with the eunuch. The majesty treated Siu Bo to some desserts. Siu Bo told Hong Hei his secret he is not an eunuch. Hong Hei asked Siu Bo to tell who he is and how did he ended up in the palace. Siu Bo talks about his mother working as a prostitute in a famous brothel and Seung Yee who’s godfather is an escaped eunuch from the palace. Siu Bo told Hong Hei that he can’t work for him because he found out many secrets related to Empress Dowager. Hong Hei is happy to hear that his father Emperor Sunzhi is alive. Siu Bo told Hong Hei that his mother, the queen was killed by Empress Dowager. Siu Bo told Hong Hei he didn’t tell him this sooner cause he’s worried Empress Dowager will kill him. Siu Bo told Emperor Hong Hei that Empress Dowager’s maid who died is a man in disguise. The majesty ordered the official to retreat the guards around Empress Dowager. Hong Hei asked Siu Bo to come with him to the Empress Dowager. Siu Bo and Hong Hei eavesdrop at Empress Dowager through the window.




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