Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 25 recap

The majesty carried the bag of the man in his room and stab him. The majesty whispered to the guards. The majesty thought about the Empress Dowager used to tell him to wait the right time to get rid of Ao Bai. Hong Hei decided to wait till it’s the right time and gather more power to punish Empress Dowager. The majesty ordered Siu Bo to go to the temple in the mountain to meet his father. The majesty told Siu Bo after he accomplish his mission, he will promote him to be an official.

Princess Kin Ning wore a mask and scared Siu Bo. Hong Hei yelled at Kin Ning. Kin Ning said she wore the mask to get rid of the bad luck an pray for the majesty. Kin Ning gave Hong Hei a good luck charm. Siu Bo returned the hairpin for Fong Yee. An eunuch knocked on the door and told Siu Bo that Kin Ning is mad is torturing the eunuchs. Kin Ning threw food at Siu Bo and the eunuchs in the kitchen. Siu Bo asked Kin Ning to please throw all the food so everyone can starved to death. Kin Ning chopped the food and chased Siu Bo. Kin Ning whined that Empress Dowager won’t talk to her, and Hong Hei scolded her. Kin Ning asked Siu Bo why is Hong Hei so mean to her. Siu Bo said being the majesty isn’t easy and he has to beware of others. Siu Bo told Kin Ning if she is loyal to the majesty, he’ll understand. Siu Bo asked Kin Ning to stay peacefully in the palace and he’ll buy her toys.

Fong Yee asked Siu Bo to come with her and Kim Ping. Siu Bo and Kim Ping and Fong Yee saw Ng Sam Kwai’s servant leg being poisoned and laughed. The member of Heaven and Earth sect told Siu Bo that Chan Kan Nam is on his way to Taiwan to settle troubles. The sect member complimented Siu Bo of being smart. Siu Bo ordered his member to lead and protect Kim Ping and Fong Yee. Fong Yee and Kim Ping found out Siu Bo is the leader of the Anti-Qing. Siu Bo hid the manuels and threw white papers for eunuch hoi and his eunuch and the official. Kim Ping asked Siu Bo that since he is the leader of the Ant-Qing, why does he dressed up as an eunuch. Siu Bo tells that he is a spy. Siu Bo bids farewell to Fong Yee and Kim Ping.

At the brothel, Siu Bo ate a good meal and slept. He wakes up and saw the lady who rescued her from the empress dowager. The lady told Siu Bo he needs to be careful what he eats. The lady told Siu Bo that empress dowager hasn’t died and ordered three guards to arrest him and dressing up as restaurant servers. The lady asked Siu Bo to greets her as his aunt.




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