Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 26 recap

The elder lady told Siu Bo she used to serve Princess Cheung Ping. She told him she sneaked in Empress Dowager’s room to find the manuel. The lady told Siu Bo told him to vow to never tell this secret. Flashbacks of the elder lady’s master killed the manchu royalty and admits her as a disciple. Siu Bo asked the elder lady to join the Heaven and Earth sect. Fong Yee’s boyfriend eavesdrop at Fong Yee talking to the princess that she promised to marry Siu Bo. She admires Siu Bo of being righteous. Fong Yee’s boyfriend went in the room tearing up. Fong Yee breaks up with her boyfriend and return the hairpin. Fong Yee’s boyfriend begged Fong Yee not to dump him.

Fong Yee’s boyfriend pointed a sword at Siu Bo and asked him what drug did he put on Fong Yee which caused her to fall for him. Siu Bo laughed and said he’s an eunuch and wouldn’t be able to marry Fong Yee. Siu Bo told Fong Yee’s boyfriend that he neglected Fong Yee after she returned. Siu Bo said that Fong Yee fought with the guards while searching for her hairpin. Siu Bo asked Fong Yee’s boyfriend to follow him. Siu Bo told Fong Yee’s boyfriend that Fong Yee said that many beautiful hairpins can’t compare with the hairpin he gave to her. Fong Yee’s boyfriend is thrilled hearing more of his girlfriend’s sweet words. Siu Bo took out some sleeping powders and asked Fong Yee’s boyfriend to give him a thinner slice of bread. Siu Bo told Fong Yee’s boyfriend that Fong Yee said he was sweet and handsome. Siu Bo said if he wasn’t an eunuch, he would marry Fong Yee but it seems like he doesn’t have a chance. Fong Yee’s boyfriend ate the bread and fainted. Siu Bo burry Fong Yee’s boyfriend and pointed a knife at him. Siu Bo cut Fong Yee’s boyfriend’s braid and asked him who does Fong Yee love and if he ever peeked at girls taking a bath. Fong Yee’s boyfriend admits. Siu Bo was about to pee on Fong Yee’s boyfriend. Fong Yee slapped Siu Bo.

Siu Bo sat with Fong Yee and Kim Ping in the shelter hiding from the rain. Fong Yee whispered Kim Ping to tell Siu Bo that she hit him because she considered him as her family. Fong Yee’s boyfriend punched the pole and the bricks fell down from the roof. Siu Bo and his crew got out of the shelter and went in the haunted house. People in the haunted house said there are many death people inside.




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