Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 27 recap

Fong Yee’s boyfriend told Kim Ping that the ghost won’t scare a royalty like her but will only chase for eunuchs. The people told Siu Bo that the ghosts asked if he have seen Eunuch Wei. Fong Yee’s boyfriend told the people that Eunuch Wei is a coward and enjoy using sleeping powder on others. the Muk family member argued with Fong Yee’s boyfriend. The sect member recognized the martial arts are from Muk family. Fong Yee’s boyfriend and his sect fought with the sect. Fong Yee’s boyfriend knocked Siu Bo out and told the sect that Siu Bo is eunuch Wei. Siu Bo said he couldn’t marry two beautiful girls since he is an eunuch. The sect found many cheque on Siu Bo’s body.

The sect dragged Siu Bo in the room. The sect member asked Siu Bo why did the majesty sent him to the temple. Siu Bo said the Empress Dowager sent him to the temple since he found him handsome. The sect member heard ghost crying. The sect member asked Siu Bo why was he with Muk family. Siu Bo said Muk family wanted to assassinate Ng Sam Kwai. The sect member asked Siu Bo why did Empress Dowager sent him to assassinate him. Siu Bo told the sect member that Empress Dowager killed the maid in disguise and afraid he’ll expose her secret. Siu Bo said he saw Empress Dowager killed her maid for the manuel.

A ghost howled and scared the sect member. Seung Yee’s master asked Siu Bo if Ao Bai was killed by him. Siu Bo trembled and admit he killed Ao Bai to revenge for Seung Yee. Seung Yee came toward Siu Bo and asked him why does he closed his eyes. Siu Bo opened his eyes and thought he was in the hell meeting with Seung Yee. Seung Yee took Siu Bo to her room and ironed the clothes for him. Seung Yee made tamales for Siu Bo. Fong Yee’s boyfriend blames Siu Bo for stealing his girlfriend and causing them to be kidnapped. Seung Yee’s master thanked Siu Bo for killing Ao Bai for them. Siu Bo blames himself of failing to save Seung Yee. Seung Yee’s master said a hero saved her during the execution scene and taught her some martial arts.

Seung Yee’s master released the Muk family. Fong Yee got jealous seeing Siu Bo flirting with Seung Yee. The Muk member asked Fong Yee’s boyfriend to apologize to Siu Bo. Siu Bo introduces Seung Yee to Fong Yee and Kim Ping. The Holy Dragon sect kidnapped Kim Ping and Fong Yee and asked Siu Bo to hand out the manuel. Seung Yee’s master asked Seung Yee to leave with Siu Bo. Siu Bo asked Seung Yee if she is willing to suffer with him. Seung Yee bids farewell to her master. Siu Bo told Seung Yee he saved a place for her to be his first wife. Siu Bo turned around and saw some monks staring at Seung Yee’s pearl. Siu Bo paid for the meal and hurriedly leave with Seung Yee.





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