Food of Love episode 4 recap

The busimessman criticizes Wong Hei’s uncle food and asked him not to put his anger in the food when he’s not feeling well cause today’s guest is precious. In the restaurant, Fennie watches Eddie talk on the phone. Fennie told Eddie that he’s using Wong Hei and gave her his old phone which is not working while he has the new phone. Eddie’s son chased his dog and Fennie picked it up. Fennie went with Eddie’s son and took the dog to the pet doctor. Fennie gave her number to Eddie’s son. Eddie went home and sneezed. The maid gave Eddie the bill of dog’s nutrition of eight hundred dollars. Eddie confronted the dog. Wong Hei and his family watches Fennie talking on the news. Fennie’s boss yelled at Fennie for telling some nonsense causing the firm to receive plenty of phone calls. In the restroom, Kenix told Fennie that as a reporter, she has to learn how to hang on. A waitress pretends to tell Wong Hei’s uncle that the previous guest is here again. Wong Hei’s uncle argued with the waitress. The businessman yelled at Wong Hei’s uncle for leaving the kitchen and criticize his food. Wong Hei’s uncle took off his apron and left.


Wong Hei’s uncle went home and drink. Wong Hei’s uncle asked Wong Hei why he won’t cook abalone anymore. Wong Hei’s uncle said he used to cook abalone seven years ago and borrowed two hundred thousand dollars from his father and cooked abalones for a party of fifty tables. His girlfriend dumped Wong Hei’s uncle for spending too much time in the kitchen. From then on, the abalones are spoiled and he lost the baby. Wong Hei’s uncle told Wong Hei that his girlfriend knows he loves chicken so she always cook him chicken if different flavors. He lost the two hundred thousand dollars from Wong Hei’s father. He failed as a husband and father. Wong Hei bumped into Kenix’s car. Kenix gave Wong Hei a card of a car repair firm. Wong Hei’s family celebrates Wong Hei of getting a good job. Wong Hei’s father told Wong Hei’s mother that her brother has been fired from the restaurant. Wong Hei’s family watch Wong Hei’s father introduces Wong Hei’s uncle to a new job. Wong Hei’s parents asked Wong Hei’s uncle to switch job if he can’t find a job as a chef. Wong Hei’s father gave Wong Hei’s uncle a card of a firm.


Fennie brought dog toys for Eddie’s son. Fennie asked Eddie’s son about his English name. Eddie’s son said he was born in Canada and his father raised him. Fennie drew a superhero on Eddie’s son’s leg. Wong Hei and Fennie saw his uncle cooking pancakes on the street. Wong Hei’s uncle saw his girlfriend and her daughter going on a taxi. Wong Hei’s uncle brought pancakes for the girl and asked her about her date of birth and name. The girl refused to go with Wong Hei’s uncle to the park. The girl told an uncle that Wong Hei’s uncle keep on bothering her and she’s so scared. The uncle was about to call the police. Fennie took Wong Hei’s uncle away.

Wong Hei asked Eddie to not tell his father he’s at he food stall. Wong Hei saw his father eating food on the street stall. Wong Hei told his uncle that his father is there. Wong Hei’s panicky pushed the cart. The street stall owners pushed the carts. Wong Hei’s father saw Wong Hei and his uncle. Wong Hei and his uncle saw his brother dressing up as his cop. Wong Hei’s brother yelled at Wong Hei that his father will turn crazy knowing he cook food. At home, Wong Hei’s father asked Wong Hei if he was at work today. Wong Hei’s brother said he saw Wong Hei practicing typing at work. Eddie told Wong Hei’s father that he’s having a hard time teaching Wong Hei about computers. Wong Hei’s father asked Wong Hei to tell him honestly if he was at the food stall today. Wong Hei’s father got mad and scold Wong Hei for cooking with his uncle at the food stall. Eddie received a call that his son is missing.



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