Food of Love episode 5 recap

Eddie, Wong Hei, and Fennie search for Eddie’s son in the mountain. Eddie’s son got stuck in the tree and screamed for help. Wong Hei grabbed Eddie’s son’s hand. Wong Hei picked Eddie’s son up. Fennie got yelled by her boss for leaving while talking on the news and causing the staff to miss the chance to record and important news of the bus falling off the mountain and a guy shooting the kids. Fennie told Kenix that she was worrying for Eddie’s son being in danger. Kenix told Kenix she could have explained the situation to her boss but she can’t be emotional as a journalist. Kenix told Fennie that she can’t chance her attitude. Kenix asked Fennie to think if journalist is the right career for her. Wong Hei’s father yelled at Wong Hei for taking a risk going to the mountain against the shooter. Wong Hei’s uncle followed his ex girlfriend’s daughter. Wong Hei’s uncle asked his ex girlfriend permission to see her daughter. Wong Hei’s uncle ex girlfriend told Wong Hei’s uncle she is not his daughter. Wong Hei’s ex girlfriend told Wong Hei’s uncle she had an affair with her current husband and made an excuse to dump him. Wong Hei’s uncle punched his ex girlfriend and her husband. Eddie thanked Fennie for reading stories and play with his son. Wong Hei met his uncle at the police station. Fennie’s boss watch the news video and praise Fennie. Fennie wants to resign since she doesn’t want to go against her conscience. Fennie packed her stuff and thanked Kenix for helping her thinking in a new perspective. Kenix told Fennie that some people work for money and some work for the fun of it as long as the work is right for her.

Fennie hung out with Wong Hei and asked him if he truly wants to be a chef. Fennie told Wong Hei that she quitted her job as a journalist since having potential is different from hobby. Fennie supports Wong Hei of pursuing his dream of being a chef. Wong Hei said he wants to be a chef but his father will stop talking to him. Wong Hei tasted his uncle’s abalone. Wong Hei asked his uncle to let him be his assistant in the chef competition. Wong Hei thought this would be a good opportunity for them to open their own restaurant. Wong Hei’s uncle teaches Wong Hei about abalones. Eddie told Wong Hei he is surprised he rather be a chef where the kitchen is really hot and have low salary instead of taking the job in the tech. A chef assistant bought the abalones and told Wong Hei’s uncle that there are cheaper abalones. Wong Hei’s uncle told Wong Hei and Eddie that he can cook good meals using cheap brand ingredients. Wong Hei’s uncle cooked for his friends. Eddie gave Wong Hei some money to buy good ingredients. Wong Hei’s mother supports Wong Hei. Wong Hei asked Kenix to give him more time to repay the car bill. Wong Hei asked Kenix for diner. Wong Hei’s uncle competes with other chefs cooking abalones. Wong Hei’s father watches the cooking competition on TV and got mad seeing Wong Hei. Wong Hei’s uncle and his opponent made it to the final round.






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