Asian Dramas fanbase comparison

Korean Dramas: Currently have the most fans and are the most popular among asian dramas.

Taiwanese Dramas: Have international fans but always get stuck as second handed to Korean Dramas or other dramas. Fans only watch Taiwanese Dramas from time to time and there are barely any Taiwanese Drama Blogs.

Mainland Dramas: There are more modern drama fans than Wuxia fans so not surprised that Mainland Dramas barely have any international fans since Mainland usually produce Wuxia. Most Wuxia fans and bloggers are native. Mainland Dramas are always second handed to other dramas where fans only watch it from time to time while putting other dramas as their priority. Not enough eng sub.

HK Dramas: Most HK Drama fans are hardcore and really dedicated to TVB. There are plenty of TVB focused blogs. But there are rarely any international fans. TVB are dubbed in many asian countries and have eng subs.

Japanese Dramas: Not always available. There are a good amount of loyal Japanese Drama fans.

It looks like Most tvb fans are loyal to TVB, and most Korean Drama fans are loyal to Korean. Taiwanese and Mainland always get stuck as second fiddle to other dramas where fans only watch them from time to time.

Which countries dramas do you think are most popular and which ones are the least?


4 thoughts on “Asian Dramas fanbase comparison

  1. I think you made a very fair analysis. Korean dramas definitely seem most popular. The length seems just about right for most and they are readily available with subs and can be found licensed to watch in many countries. Personally I like Taiwanese dramas, but they are longer and I don’t always have the patience for that, but there are some fantastic ones. Jdramas I also like, but I’m a casual watcher with jdramas like I am with Taiwanese dramas. I wish jdramas were easier to find, but it does seem more are getting licensed in other countries thus becoming more available to international fans (but it’s still limited compared to kdramas).

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