Yan Hua San Yue/Misty Love in the Palace episode 10 recap

I put a lot of dedication in my drama recaps and this one is no exception. Some dramas are more challenging to recap than others.

Rong Rue agrees to be the bodyguard of the majesty.Kangxi gave Rong Rue a jade to have the privilege of freely walking in the palace. Mingzhu reminds Rong Rue to be careful what he says in front of the majesty. Songgotu and Mingzhu discuss with the majesty about the war and Ng Sam Kwai. The majesty and the servant wishes the Empress Dowager of long living anniversary. Empress Dowager told the officials that they don’t need to ask her permission to do important task. Empress Dowager said she has adopted Si Zhen as her goddaughter and engaged her to a captain. Empress Dowager asked Rong Rue if he agrees with it. Mingzhu and the officials compliment Empress Dowager of finding a good general and son in law. Kangxi asked Rong Rue if he wants to be with Yu Chan or Si Zhen. Kangxi wants an answer from Rong Rue. Kangxi told Rong Rue that even if he gives him three months, he may have a tougher decision to choose. Rong Rue told Kangxi he loves Sizhen but he can’t do something wrong for Yu Chan. Rong Rue wants to have both of the girls. Kangxi told Rong Rue he will ask those two ladies if they agree to be with him. Kangxi gave Rong Rue permission to run away with Shen Wan and Si Zhen.

Kangxi told the Empress Dowager that Rong Rue is his friend and plead her to forgive Rong Rue. Empress Dowager told Rong Rue that as long as she is alive, she won’t let Si Zhen live in peace. Ten days later, Sizhen gets married to the captain. Rong Rue plays the flute. Rong Rue saw Yu Chan coughing. Si Zhen arrives at the captain’s house. Shen want takes care of Rong Rue. The captain plans to give Guangzhou to Si Zhen. Si Zhen requested the captain not to call her honey. Two years later, Shen Wan and Rong Ruo happily spends time together. Si Zhen couldn’t sleep want went outside and rode a horse. Yu Chan watches the moon and told Rong Rue she feels like a fairy being with him. Mingzhu told Rong Rue he has to remember the majesty’s kindness.






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