Moon Fairy episode 29 recap

The third brother saved the forth brother from the frozen rocks. The first brother foreced the fourth brother to side with him. An elder man rescued Fann and Christopher. The elder man gave Fann and Christopher a water bottle. The elder man laughed and transformed to himself as the first brother. The first brother told Christopher he’s not guarding the villagers but he wants to eliminate them all. Christopher told the first brother he will take down his suns so he will lose his power. The first brother laughed and said even if he kill all suns, he will still die. Fann’s sister asked her father Fuxi to let her try to persuade Christopher’s brother to stop this evilness. Christopher’s brother grabbed Fann’s sister and asked if he came back to him to save Christopher. Christopher’s brother slapped Fann’s sister. Fann’s sister plead her father not to kill Christopher’s brother. Christopher’s brother told Fann’s sister she is only beautiful on the outside. Fann’s sister told her father if he kills Christopher’s brother, she will kill herself. Fann’s sister told her father she is Christopher’s brother wife and should be with him. Fuxi left and told Fann’s sister he is disappointed in her.Fann’s sister put some bowl of scent under Christopher’s knee to heal his wound. Christopher’s brother kicked Fann’s sister and called her stupid. Fann’s sister asked Christopher’s brother if he feels better hating her. Fann’s sister gave Christopher’s brother a medicine she stole from her father. Christopher’s brother asked Fann’s sister to not dare to trick him.

The queen told the king that from now on there won’t be illegitimate child in the kingdom. The queen told the king that she can always create more kids unless he leaves her. The king told the queen that Fann and Christopher can kill their then children. The queen doesn’t believe in such tales. The queen said if Fann and Christopher ever interfere in her mission, then they’ll never end up together. Fann and Christopher found Wong Mo. Wong Mo told Christopher and Fann that when the queen fails to rule the world, they will be separated unless they become the fairy again. Wong Mo gave Christopher and Fann a power to save the world but let god decide if they will be together. Christopher and Fann went to the heaven and used the arrow to push out the arrow and arch from the rock. Christopher and Fann held the arrow and hugged each other but got pushed away by the lightning. Christopher uses his arrow and arch to shoot the ten suns. The first brother vanishes and said even if he kills him, the queen can recreate him again. The queen tries to catch the suns spirit and screams. Wong Mo gave Fann the power from her father and said she will be back in heaven as a fairy. The queen called her suns back. The queen suggests the suns to recreate the first brother and destroy the world.





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