Weapons of Power episode 7 recap

Lin Die gave the elder martial artist a bottle of wine. The elder martial artist said wine is his friend and can’t betray him. Lin Die gave the elder martial artist a shirt. Lin Die brushes the hair for the martial artist. Lin Die took the elder martial artist out to the festival. The elder martial artist looked at a mother and her baby and thought about his son and got framed by Xiahou Zhun for killing his master. The elder martial artist gave Lin Die a red envelope and said if his son were alive, he would be about the same age as him. Lin Die requested to be the elder martial artist godson. The elder martial artist said he doesn’t need anything. The elder martial artist told Lin Die he’s too naive and trust others too easily. The guards chased the elder martial artist. Lin Die and the elder martial artist fought with the guards. Lin Die saw many people dYING. Lin Die asked the elder martial artist why did he killed them when they are already injured. The elder martial artist said in the martial arts world, if he doesn’t kill them they will kill him.

Lin Die wishes his master a happy new year and long live healthy life. Lin Pen’s master gave Lin Pen a manuel and asked him to write calligraphy. Xiahou Zhun sit and chat with Nuo Feng and wants to marry his disciple to her. Xiahou Zhun asked Nuo Feng what does he thinks of his son. Lin Pen got tired of writing calligraphy and he drew a drawing of Nuo Feng.Xiahou Zhun’s disciple saw Lin Pen sneaks in Nuo Feng’s room. He reads Nuo Feng’s love letter aloud. Nuo Feng watch Xiahou Zhun’s disciple fighting with Lin Pen and she slaps Lin Pen. Lin Pen’s master asked Lin Pen to pack and leave. Lin Pen told his master he is breaking his promise and everyone makes mistakes. Lin Pen slept in the cave and saw Xiaohou Zhun’s disiple. He beats up Lin Pen and said Nuo Feng belongs to him. Lin Die’s servant wakes Lin Pen up and saw him fainting. Lin Pen’s servant piggyback Lin Pen to Xiaohou Zhun’s disciple’s room. Xiaohou Zhun accused Lin Pen of framing him by knocking hid head on the wall. Lin Pen works hard to practice calligraphy. Nuo Feng eavesdrop at Lin Pen eavesdrop at Lin Pen writing calligraphy while falling asleep. Lin Pen went to his master’s room with his calligraphy.




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