Colourful Life episode 4 recap

Frankie stays in coma. Annie said she remembers that she used the medicine on the horse and it worked. Frankie’s family yelled at Annie for treating Frankie like a horse. Annie doubts if the medicine was too strong. Annie sneaked in Frankie’s room and pour some lizards on his body. Franike sit up and grabbed Annie. The Ching family came and saw Frankie’s hand being healed. Ellesmere gave Frankie some medicine to give it to Annie. Ellesemere said Frankie hit her knee to use her blood to lure the lizards. Ellesmere told Frankie that though Annie is talks informally, she is a nice girl. Frankie came in the room to give the medicine to Annie but he saw his ink was dropped down by Annie. The Ching family wishes Frankie and Louis luck on their scholar exam. Frankie reminds Annie not to open the box on the top shelf in his room. Annie curiously went to Frankie’s room and opened the cupboard and the bowl of ink on the top shelf dropped on his head. Annie’s maid read the slip of paper that he was tricking Annie. Louisa gave Cutie a rat gold as a gift for her baby.

Florence gave Cutie a tiny rat gold. Cutie asked Ellesmere to cut the fabric for her godmother. Ellesmere refused since a guest already ordered it. The maids gossiped about Cutie is poor and only care about her faces. Cutie hit a paper figure and an elder lady cried that her son has passed away. She would like to sell her fabric shop. During diner, Cutie suggests Madam Ching to buy the new fabric shop from the elder lady and let her husband manage it. Annie plays mahjong with the two wives and the second madam. The two wives found some missing ingredients in their soup. The second madam yelled at the maids for being lazy and let Annie’s maid doing all the work. Annie’s maid apologizes to the wives maid. The maids yelled at Annie’s maid for causing them troubles. Annie won the mahjong round.




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