Colourful Life episode 5 recap

The 3rd madam and the wives made excuse to not to play mahjong with Annie afraid losing to her again. Cutie and Ronald stared at the first son and Louise counting money and Louise told Ronald that he must try to win over the business. Ronald has a stomach ache. Cutie sends out flyers to the people that the fabric business is going down. People went to the store demanded the first son their money back. Cutie told Ronald that she put beans in the food so he has a stomach ache and she was the one who wrote those flyers. Cutie told Ronald that the business will eventually go down by the first son.

Annie and her maid saw the third madam praying and hopes that her son pass the scholar exam. Even if her son doesn’t pass the scholar exam, she hopes someone else other than Frankie does. A man came and congratulates the Ching family that Frankie passed the scholar exam. Louise was suspected of cheating and got kicked out. Ronald told the third madam that this year’s scholar exam rule is strict and whoever cheats may be sentenced to jail time.

The third madam and Florence tried to bribe the official to save Louise but the official refused to accept bribes. Madam Ching went to the palace and plead the majesty to forgive Louis. The majesty said Louis’s penalty is his right hand must be chopped. Madam Ching begged the majesty chop her hand instead. The majesty finds Madam Ching a caring mother. The majesty spares Louis but he must be punished by receiving eighty spanks. Louis told his mother he was just unlucky being caught cheating out of many people. The Ching family congratulates and celebrates Frankie passing the scholar exam.



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