Under the Veil episode 1 recap

Been a busy week but will make time to recap some dramas. ^_^

This series starts with a female in a parrot’s body staring at Prince Shing playing chess with is tutor.General Song and his son came and confronted Prince Shing about his sword. Fung Samtook Prince Ching away. Eliza as a fish and his turtle master swam in the sea and watch Prince Shing and Fung Sam by the shore. Tsuen So Tse dressed up like her brother Fung Sam. Fung Sam told Prince Shing that So Tse will dress up as him and he will spy on General Song and will meet him from time to time. Fung Sum teaches Princess Wanyan martial arts. Princess Wanyan warned Fung Sum that she shouldn’t believe she can’t live without her. Fung Sum smiled and said her Wanyan is back.

So Tse’s servant asked So Tse why she plants this tree every two or three months. Madam Kuen screams and search for Fung Sam. So Tse hurriedly jumped down from the roof to her room and dressed up as Fung Sam and pretends to wake up and scold Madam Kuen. So Tse saw a beautiful Pomegranate and about to pick it up from the tree. Sum Yeung, a scholar yelled and told So Tse she can’t pick it up since it is fake. Wayne called Sum Yeung and walked out with him. Sum Yeung told Wayne he drew the pomegranate and placed it on the tree. Suem Yeung told Wayne he couldn’t remember much of his past after the accident after the shipwreck so he came here in the plain to recall his past. So Tse searched for a servant’s clothe and wants to dressed as a male to hang out with Sum Yeung. Yat Pan Heung, a prostitute fails to do her magic trick. So Tse’s master blindfolded Pan Heung and asked his men to seek her out. So Tse sidetracked the two men of General Song and teleported herself to Sum Yeung’s place. So Tse held the flyer and asked Sum Yeung if he’s hiring. Sum Yeung said he needs someone who can carry bricks. So Tse told Sum Yeung he must hire her because she knows his family. So Tse gives Sum Yeung direction to draw his floor plan. So Tse told Sum Yeung she remembers treating him pomegranate the first time she meth him. So Tse thought about Sum Yeung as her childhood friend while Madam Kuen yelled at her. So Tse asked Madam Kuen to buy her some pomegranate. Mada Kung cried and leave thinking she changed her heart. So Tse stared at Wanyan’s letter from teh amjesty. Princess Wanyan fought with So Tse and kissed her. So Tse sends her bird Sze Loi Fung to send General’s So letter to Prince Shing. Sum Yeung sat and remember a girl used to call his name and taught him to fold a boat. Sum Yeun remembers So Tse as the girl.





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