Under the Veil episode 2 recap

Sum Yeung begs So Tse to work for him for two weeks. So Tse asked Sum Yeung to teach her how to write. The parrot Loi Fung sends Prince Shing the message from Fung Sam. Prince Shing leads the troop and woried about Fung Sam. Wanyan barged in the room and fought with Fung Sam. Wanyan told Fung Sam he pretended to fall for her to steal the letter from her father ruining his plan against the Liao. Fung Sam pushed out the knife and hugged Wanyan and said though she stole the letter, he truly loves her. Wanyan kills herself. Fung Sam regrets of hurting Wanyan. The parrot fought with the black snake. The black snakes absorbs the parrot’s power. The snakes went inside General Song’s body. General Song visits his father and said he’ll wait till his power is stronger and will get rid of Prince Shing.

Brother Chu Yee Tan (Wayne) stared at the painting of So Tse which Sum Yeung drew. The other scholars grabbed Yee Tan’s rice cakes. So Tse came and asked Sum Yeung to not tell anyone she works here since she’s a girl. So Tse confronted Sum Yeung about finding out she’s isn’t married yet. Sum Yeung remembers the stool in the kitchen. So Tse told Sum Yeung that she used to cook on the stool. Sum Yeung watches So Tse bringing diner and said see she must be more than just a friend. So Tse asked Sum Yeung if it occurs to him that he owes her a large sum of money. Fung Sam sealed his letter to the majesty.

Fung Sam showed Prince Shing his telescope. Prince Shing used the telescope and looked in the sky. Eliza sang on the water in the fog. Prince Shing saw Eliza and used his bow and arrow to shoot her and she jumped own the sea but it hit the turtle. Eliza asked her sea friends to save the turtle. Prince Shing pointed his sword at the turtle. Fung Sam looked at the turtle and sees he’s more than a thousand years old and believes he is kind. Fung Sam asked Prince Shing to set the turtle free. The turtle came back to the sea and told Eliza and the sea friends that he owes Fung Sam his life and he will pay back soon since Prince Shing and Sum Yeung will be in danger soon.

Fung Sam plays chess with Prince Shing and said his flaw is he always wants to win. Prince Shing watches the the parrot and believes that she is princess Lak Ka and remembered meeting her in the garden. Prince Shing drinks with Princess Lak Ka and sighed about not having freedom in the palace. He was about to propose to her but the two nations are in conflict. He went to the dessert to find the stone wall and luckily met Princess Lak Ka. He fainted and woke up and saw the bird. Prince Shing said if he had the courage to tell Princess Lak Ka he loves her then she would be his wife now.





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