Colourful Life episode 6 recap

Annie went on the boat with Frankie on the way to the feast Annie got seasick. Annie grabs food using a chopsticks. Frankie put his bowl under the chopsticks and thanked Annie in front of the official. Kenneth complimented the official’s past achievement. Annie asked the official to fight with her since he haven’t met a fierce martial art competitor. Annie fought with the official and accidentally pull out some of his hear on his beard. Frankie yelled at Annie for being so impolite in the feast. Annie returned home by going to the mountain instead of riding on the boat.

Frankie searched for Annie in the woods. Frankie tripped and bumped into May and recognized her as the girl who decipher is poem. Frankie and May recite poem and walked on the mountain. Frankie arrived home but Annie haven’t yet went home. Frankie’s family worry about Annie being in danger. Frankie has a nightmare of Annie arrived home with her wet hair. A female’s body was found in the harbor and Frankie and his family mistaken her for Annie. Annie arrived and asked Frankie who’s he apologizing too. Annie brought many gifts she bought from the mountain and gave to Frankie’s family. Frankie yelled at Annie he was worrying about her. Frankie’s mother said they’ve learn a lesson that as a married couple they should get along.

Florence whined to her husband that everyone praised Frankie. Frankie and Florence plans to open a fabric outlet. Louis works hard in front of his mother to have the opportunity to run the outlet. Ronald read the letter and followed Cutie to the corner. Cutie caught Ronald and said she wrote the letter to lure him and she asked him to take care of the fabric store. Ronald work hard in the fabric store in front of his mother. Louis and Ronald argues with each other and accused each other of being fakers. Frankie sighed and thought about May. Frankie went to his room and opened his closet and the poem fell down. Annie said she’s rewritten poem since she accidentally spilled her tea on the poem. Frankie chased Annie and bumped into May.




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