Love Bond episode 20 recap

Anne gave Michael a box of chocolate and thanked him for taking her grandma while she’s away. Michael showed Kenix the box of chocolate and said he’s meeting with Annie for barbecue party. Kenix told Michael she believes him. Anne’s grandma told Annie that she has a feeling that Michael still likes her. Anne said she came back to HK to patch up with him. Stephen prevented Fred from taking some money from the store for Fred to buy some teas. Fred told Oscar he will persuade Kenix to give him some flower teas. Oscar’s boss fired Oscar for not making any flower sales. Oscar went home and complained to Michael he got fired for not making any sales, and he got pissed he was alwasy the one who takes the blame and train newbies. Edmond, Moses, and Michael dressed in black suits and and asked Oscar’s boss if he will hire someone else after he fires Oscar. They demanded Oscar’s boss to pay back Oscar’s salaries. Michael hired Oscar in his company.

Michael treated some kids some cherries and asked them to share. Kenix and Michael set up the tables for the barbecue. Bernice and her father wonders why Anne has returned. Bernice’s father told Kenix that Michael is a good uy, and it is easy for Anne to steal him from her. Anne feels leftout seeing Michael’s siblings rooting for Kenix and Michael. Anne stared at her room and sees the stars sticker have been taken down. Natalie told Anne she can tell Michael still loves her. Anne received a call and told Michael that her grandma is sick. Bernice asked Kenix to come along with Michael. Kenix told Bernice she believes in Michael.

Michael offered to take Anne’s grandma to the temple. Bernice and Moses went to the mountain to the temple. Bernice told Moses she doesn’t trust Anne. Bernice and Moses got lost in the mountain and she forgot to bring the map. Anne’s grandma advised Anne to persist going for Michael. Anne wants to ride the bike with Michael. Michael took Anne for a ride in the sunset. Anne told a love story to Michael about a fairy falls for a flute player and gave him a pin for memories. He lost the hairpin but when he found it, it was too late. Michael and Anne fell from the bike. Michael wiped Anne’s wound. Anne kisses Michael but Michael pushed her away. Anne said she’s always wanted to go back with him and realizes she isn’t as career oriented. She feels the happiest being with him. Anne said she can feel he still loves her. Michael told Anne they are only best friends. Michael called Kenix and said he misses her. Kenix called Michael he’s so cheesy.

Moses and Bernice got lost in the woods during the night and saw a rat climbing on a tree. Moses piggyback Bernice and fell and they kissed. Someone found them. Michael asked Anne to meet with him in the hotel. Michael asked Kenix to meet him in the elegante hotel and gave her a bouquet of red roses and a ring and proposed to her. Michael puts on the ring for Kenix. Anne brought her baby to Michael and Kenix. Kenix asked Anne who’s the baby belong to. Anne said the baby belongs to her and Michael.




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