Duke of Mt.Deer 98 episode 31 recap

Kim Ping cried and told Fong Yee that they’ve used Siu Bo to exchange their lives. Fong Yee told Kim Ping that Siu Bo deservers to be kidnapped by the Holy Dragon Sect since he didn’t give the sect the manuel in exchange for them. Fong Yee said Siu Bo was willing to hand out the manuel to rescue Seung Yee which means that he doesn’t love them as much as Seung Yee. No one cared for them when they were being poisoned. Kim Ping asked Fong Yee if he fell for Siu Bo. Fong Yee said he is mad at Siu Bo for forgetting them so quickly. The sect member asked Siu Bo to critique the painting and the words on the cemetery. The sect member asked Siu Bo to write his name. Siu Bo held the paintbrush and said he doesn’t know how to write. The sect member told Siu Bo his trick caused him being in trouble.

Siu Bo drew turtles on the sect member’s Tong Bak Fu painting. Siu watches the two sect members read a letter to con the Holy Dragon sect leader about the words on the cemetery and the whereabout of the manuel. The sect member asked Siu Bo to memorize the letter and say it in front of their sect leader. The sect members asked Siu Bo to rewrite the words. Siu Bo ate the chicken. The sect leader’s servant asked for Siu Bo. Siu Bo told the sect members that the manuels had been handed over to the monks. The maid asked the sect member if Siu Bo is his son since he looks like him.

Siu Bo surprisingly saw Fong Yee and Kim Ping with the sect member and realized she’s been fooled by Fong Yee. Siu Bo looked at the sect leader and his wife So Chuen and found her gorgeous. So Chuen asked Siu if he knows the Empress Dowager’s maid. Siu Bo said the empress dowager’s maid often visit his uncle and made out with him. A sect member pleads So Chuen for forgivness.So Chun threw a bowl of snakes. The sect member fought with the members and said he made many merit for the sect. So Chuen said as long as he is loyal to the sect, then she won’t discriminate. The sect members have been poisoned and fainted.



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