Colourful Life episode 10 recap

Madam Ching asked Ronald not to take Cutie out too much or it won’t be good for the baby’s health. Madam Ching gave Cutie and Ronald a golden bowl. Cutie plans on putting a basket in their belly and continues to fake pregnancy. May asked Louisa if she plans to give birth to a baby or she is worried she will give birth to a disabled baby. Cutie drops the handkerchief and asked Florence to pick it up for her. Cutie ate some fruits and the third madam prevented her and said it isn’t healthy for the baby. Annie brought the food to Cutie and overheard Cutie told Ronald about faking pregnancy. Cutie pretends to bump into Annie and ache her stomach. Frankie yelled at Annie and asked her to cause less trouble. Cutie whined and told Ronald she doesn’t want to lose the baby. Annie told Frankie that Cutie has been faking pregnancy. The doctor did a checkup for Cutie and said Cutie lost the baby. Annie confronted the doctor for lying. Annie said she’s not wrong and saw Cutie eating logans and put basket in the belly faking having being pregnant. Annie called Cutie a hypocrite. Madam Ching yelled at Annie. Annie wants to leave the Ching family.

Cutie praised Ronald for doing a good job pushing her. Ronald told Cutie he needs hundred thousand dollars to bribe the doctor. Frankie apologizes to Ronald on behalf of Annie. Annie and her maid saw the doctor giving money to the brothel. Annie’s maid came up to the doctor and told him that Ronald asked him to return his money he gave him. Ronald received a letter from the doctor to give him one million taels.Madam Ching pray and smelled the scent at the temple and fainted. Someone tied up Madam Ching and she saw Ronald and Cutie argued with the doctor.





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