Colourful Life episode 9 recap

The second Madam asked Louisa how’s he with her husband. May lost her hairpin which her mother gave her. Cutie gossips to the maid that Annie stole May’s hairpin. May’s maid asked May to ask Annie to return her hairpin. Frankie returned home and said everyone makes mistake and needs to repent. Frankie asked Annie to return the hairpin to May. Annie asked Frankie not to frame her. Frankie told Annie if she wants a hairpin, he can buy for her. Annie called Frankie crazy. Cutie pinpointed at Annie. The second madam believes that the hairpin is somewhere in the house. The third madam hopes that tomorrow they can’t find the hairpin, so they can put Annie in jail. Florence cried and closed the door and said she picked it up on the floor. The next day, May still can’t find the hairpin. Annie denied of stealing the hairpin. Annie’s maid found the hairpin by the fountain and returned it to May. The second madam told Annie that if she didn’t do it, she doesn’t need to care what anyone says. Annie asked her maid to leave to Tibet with her. Annie saw Florence and Cutie gossip about Annie stealing the hairpin.

Cutie got a stomach ache. Cutie went for a checkup and found out she is pregnant. During diner, Cutie asked the maid to put the duck away since she couldn’t bear the smell. The maids all went to serve Cutie. Cutie asked the second madam permission to let her have a longer sleep. Florence and the third madam hopes Cutie give birth to seven disabled girls. Cutie and Ronald bought a bunch of elegant fabrics. Some people ran by Cutie. Cutie got a stomach ache and went for a checkup. The doctor told Cutie that she isn’t pregnant but have a lump.





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