Under the Veil episode 3 recap

Yee Tan and Sum Yeung bought hairpins for their girls. The scholars threw the hairpin and beat up Yee tan and Sam Yeung. So Tse threw rocks toward the scholars. Sum Yeung teachers So Tse some martial arts. So Tse opened the door and went out. Yee Tan went inside and didn’t see So Tse. A solar eclipse occurs and Prince Shing’s boat is shaking. The see is also shaking and the turtle is worried for Prince Shing’s wellness. The black snake demon aroused on the boat. Fung Sam fought with the black snake. Loi Fung strikes the sword back at the demon and fight with him. The black demon killed the parrot. Prince Shing threw the golden jade toward the demon. The black demon threw a sphere of ball toward Prince Shing and Sam Fung and the boat exploded. Prince Shing and Sam Fung jump down the sea. Eliza and the turtle found Fung Sam.

The little cloud sparrow picked the parrot up. The cloud sparrow told Loi Fung that Prince Shing isn’t dead yet and his talisman will keep him safe for the time being. The cloud sparrow locked Prince Shing in the rock. The little cloud sparrow told Loi Fung that people think they have time but they are wasting them. Loi Fung begged the little cloud sparrow to give him one more chance. Little cloud sparrow told Loi Fung she gave her one last chance to meet with the prince. Eliza and the turtle rescued Sam Fung from the sea. The turtle and Eliza carried Sam Fung to Bosco’s house. Eliza saw a cat and got scared. Bosco puts Eliza in the bowl of water. Bosco (Cheung Chun) said he’s a vegeterian and won’t eat the fish and will set her free tomorrow. Cheung Chun complimented Eliza as beautiful. The turtle picked up Fung Sam to Bosco. The turtle grabbed Eliza and left. Bosco returned and wonder why the fisherman stole the fish. Eliza told the turtle that Cheung Chun saved him and it will make Cheung Cheun feel uncomfortable not seeing her. The turtle told Eliza she may fall for a crab or a fish but not a mortal man. Eliza said she just wanted to thanked Cheung Chun.

Fung Sam wakes up searched for Prince Shing but couldn’t find him in the shore. Fung Sam asked Cheung Chun about his jade. Cheung Chun said the jade is a gift from his father for his engagement with Chancellor Hung’s daughter. Cheung Chun told Fung Sam his father helped Chancellor Hung with his financial problem and he married off his daughter to him. When his father died from illness, he told him he must propose to Chancellor Hung’s daughter. Fung Sam told Cheung Chun he will never forget his deed for selling his house for her to have the money to get back to the capital. Eliza got near the boat trying to reach Cheung Chun but got dragged away by the turtle. Cheung Chun sit and relax on the boat. The turtle told Eliza that as soon as she hears Cheung Chun is engaged, she sway away. Eliza said Chancellor’s Hang’s daughter must be ugly. Cheung Chun reads the novel and looked at the fish and hopes Eliza weren’t eaten by the fisherman. Eliza sat in front of Cheung Chun and said she’s find and she thanked him for saving her. Cheung Chun picks up the fish skin. The turtle told Eliza not to break the rule again and she is so in love.

General Song told his father to take the chance and frame Fung Sam for murdering Prince Shing. General Song asked his father to stab him. So Tse took Sum Yeung out during the night and showed him the real pomegranates. Sum Yeung believes Cheung Chun brought the chest over to So Tse. Cheung Chun visits So Tse and told him what happened. General Song bowed in front of the majesty and said Prince Shing been captured by the pirates on the boat. General Song said that the man in the black suit was Fung Sam. Cheung Chun opened the chest which Fung Sam is hiding.







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