Colourful Life episode 11 recap

Madam Ching punished Ronald and Cutie by bowing in front of their ancestor’s tablet. Annie and her maid got robbed by a thief and ran inside the brothel. The ladyboss drove Annie and her maid away. Annie and her maid disguises and sneaked in the brothel. Annie and her maid surprisingly met her brother in lawin the brothel. Annie looked at the paining and found the jade familiar and asked the bandit who’s the girl in the painting. Annie’s brother in law said the jade belongs to his son and his lost wife who died from the fire in the brothel twenty years ago. He placed a golden butterfly jade on the baby. Annie’s brother in law asked Annie to return to the Ching family to find her son.

Annie’s brother in law visits the Ching family and gave them presents and said tomorrow he’ll be back. The Ching family search for Annie and her maid in the village. Ronald kicked the cottage door and Annie fainted. Annie wakes up and said she put on chicken blood for them to understand the feeling of being framed. Annie agrees to return home as long as Frankie agrees to piggyback her. Frankie tripped on the hill and Annie felled and kissed him. Florence and Cutie hugged Annie in front of Annie’s brother in law. Annie visits Cutie and asked her to let her see her golden jewelries but she drove her out and said Florence has tons of them. Annie asked Florence if she has the golden butterfly jade.

On the street, Annie saw a mother yelling at a kid for not working hard to read. She heard the kid asked his mother why doesn’t his father plant gold instead of lettuce. While playing mahjong, Annie left in the middle of the round and picks up some golds on the ground with her maid and said they have achieved planting golds by placing their golden jewelries here. During the night, the Ching wives placed their golden jewelries on the ground. Annie and her maid searched for the golden butterfly jade. Annie and the maid hid and saw Cutie and Florence picked up their bag of jewelries and fought for them. Louisa grabbed the jewelries bag. Madam Ching came and yelled at the wives for believing in the ridiculous story of planting gold. Annie told Madam Ching that a fairy appears in her dream and said that she can plant gold.

May saw her fiance on the street and ran away from him. Frankie hugged May. May asked Frankie to save her. Frankie sidetracked May’s fiance. May told Frankie about her engagement with her jerk fiance. Annie and her maid analyzes that they haven’t checked in Madam Ching’s room about the jade butterfly. Annie and her maid sneaks in Madam Ching’s room. Madam Ching’s servant screams that the first brother has been framed of being a thief.





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