Colourful Life episode 12 recap

The first brother denied he cheated money out of the jewelry store owner.The third mother and Florence called the first brother crazy in front of the stall owner. The first owner cried and and admit he stole the jewelries. Madam Ching came and refused to believe the first brother stole the money. A kid came and put the money back and said he was playing with it. During the storm Madam Ching took the first brother down in the mountain and ask him to stay here until she comes back. The first brother saw a lady leaving her crippled dog. The first brother sits in the rain and wait for Madam Ching to come back. The first brother fainted. Madam Ching came with the guards rescuing the first brother. Madam Ching gave Louisa the golden cup to place it by the first brother for his wellness. The first brother wakes up and plead Madam Ching not to leave him. The third wife wants the golden cup back but Madam Ching lets the first brother keep it.

A magistrate (Mark Kwok) killed a parrot for badmouthing him. Ronald bought a bell and Mark Kwok wants to bid for it. Ronald refused to give the bell to Mark Kwok since he doesn’t know how to appreciate it. The prime minister came with his son Mark and visited Madam Ching’s family. Annie dropped the box and found the golden jade butterfly which belongs to Frankie. Annie laughed. Annie serves green tea on Frankie and spill on his shirt. Annie tries to take off Frankie’s shirt. Frankie asked Annie why does she wants to take off his shirt.

Madam Ching’s maid introduces a lady to Ellesmere and Johnny. Ellesmere pretends to throw up and Johnny told the lady that Ellesmere suffers from asthma. Annie took Myolie out to eat and drink. Annie bids for the fan in front of Myolie. Myolie prevented an elder lady from eating stinky tofu.Annie bought four stinky tofu and asked her to try it. Annie saw Frankie and asked Myolie to go home. Two gamblers tried to rape Myolie. Ellesmere passed by and beat up the men. Myolie cried and hugged Ellesmere. Myolie asked Frankie not to tell her mother she went out. Myolie complimented Frankie and Annie of telling the story so well in front of her mother.

Florence eavesdrop at My asking Louisa to lend her money to help her friend. Florence lends May some money. An elder lady bumped into May and Louise and stole their money and jewelries.





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