Colourful Life episode 13 recap

Myolie sewed a purse for Ellesmere and gave it to him. Myolie encouraged Ellesmere to spend time reading the manuel. Louis told Madam Ching that Mark is just a con. Louis ate and drink with Mark. Louis brought a prostitute to serve Mark. Mark pushed the prostitute and asked her to leave. The third madam asked Florence if she bought the bird’s nest. Florence asked May to return her money. May pawned Louisa’s hairpin. May dropped the receipt. Frankie picked it up. The Ching family brought the fabrics for Mark. Mark bought a jade from some officials while eating with them. Ronald played with crickets in the next room which distracted Mark from eating. Mark wants to buy the cricket from Ronald. Louis asked Ronald to give the cricket to Mark. Mark tripped Louis and stomped on the cricket and blamed it on Louis. Ronald and Louis fight during diner. Madam Ching punished Ronald and Louis by bowing in front of their ancestor. Frankie read a poem to them.

Frankie gave May some money and her hairpin back. Annie teased Frankie and asked him to lend her some money. Annie is willing to matchmake Frankie and May. Annie invited May to go to the temple. Annie read the fortune and congrats May that she will meet her lover under the tree. May met Frankie. Frankie asked Annie what is she doing asking him to hold the umbrella and stand under the tree. May adopts a rabbit. Cutie and Florence fought for a painting on the food stall and torn it and paid the stall owner half of the price. Florence threw dishes outside of Cutie’s room. Cutie blow out fumes in front of Florence’s room. Florence threw Florence threw a bowl of grains to Cutie and they fought. Madam Ching threw away those spoiled dye and told Louis and Ronald that there’s a new dye business that is their big competitor. Mark’s father played chess with Mark and asked him if he’s thinking of doing business with the Ching family. Cutie and Florence has been twitching their eyes and has bird poop fell on them and they doubt if their dye business will go down soon.





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