Colourful Life episode 14 recap

Mark appointed the Ching family fabric store as the best one. Madam Ching hand over the store to Louis. Louise and Florence giggled how they got to manage the store. Cutie asked Ronald to work hard so Madam Ching will let him managing the store. Cutie and Florence fought with each other to let their maid take a break. Louisa got tired of them and let both of them take a break. The first son helped Annie’s maid cook. The first son tries to catch the chicken and fell. Madam Ching asked Ellesmere and Johnny to find a girlfriend to take care of them. Ellesmere bought many rings for Myolie. May tries to feed the rabbit but it feels lonely. Annie suggests May to free the rabbit. Annie brought a kite and watches Frankie and May flying the kite. It starts to rain. Frankie and May went inside a deserted house. Annie complimented to her maid that Frankie is smart and knows how to fly a kite. May got sick and Frankie eavesdrop at her in her room. Annie teased Frankie of liking May. She asked him if he has a mole on her chest. Annie tries to take off Frankie’s shirt during the night but Frankie prevented her and asked her what’s she doing. While boiling water, Annie’s maid tripped and Annie thought of a way to make Frankie chip so she can see Frankie’s chest. Frankie complimented Ellesemere’s shirt and asked him if he wore this outfit to impress Myolie. Frankie took Ellesmore to his room and Ellesmere tripped. Annie and her maid saw Frankie gving back his jade butterfly to Ellesmere and they saw a mole on Ellesmere’s chest.




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